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Old 30th April 2006, 06:50
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Exclamation Warbirds III-2005 Plane Skins

Just thought I would post a few links for those who play warbirdsiii-2005

If you dont have warbirds III and want to download it .. ien seems to have
decided to *not* make it available for download unless you pay them...
mumbles..*money whores*

you can download warbirds III here and just use the updater
to connect freely and update it to 2005
link: http://www.furball.warbirdsiii.com/downloads/index.html
or here link: http://www.combatsim.com/proddata/warbirds/warbirds.htm

I found quite a few helpful links and some *very* nicely made
Historicly Correct warbird Plane skins & in the plenty!!
and all nicely catagorised by the P.D.C. (P)layer (D)evlelopement (C)orps.

It seems some of these skins where even helped along by actual WWII Pilots.
& others where made by some proper research.

You can freely download/unzip & drop the .vfc skin files into the
warbirdsIII game directory pdc folder and they are ready to fly in game.

I recomend you all downloading the (low) Low Resolution Versions as the
High Res Versions are like 6-8 megs each along with slowing the (FPS)
Frames per Second wich slooooows down the game even on a HT dual p4
& good graphics card.

You can get download/collect them all here @ the Official pdc skin site link
and surf threw & browse the page numbers at the bottom
link: http://pdc.warbirdsiii.com/index.php...aircraft_skins

heres a few thumbs of some of those damn fine looking planes..

heres another great skin artist by xaero
you can visit his site & get all his perfected german plane skins
link: http://furball.warbirdsiii.com/xaero...wb3_skins.html


-HOST-: -shock was killed by Ack Weenies!

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Old 1st May 2006, 10:19
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Re: Warbirds III-2005 Plane Skins

a peace between FH and iEN ?
let's seee how Boroda drinks together with Littman...
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Old 1st May 2006, 18:34
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Re: Warbirds III-2005 Plane Skins

did'nt you know..?

IEN = (I) (E)njoy being a $$money$$ whore (N)igger

**IEN Christmas Card**
GIVE ME MORE OF YOUR MONEY OR YOU --->NO FLY<--- we expect payment in full.
P.S. We HAvE YoUr DoG sO If YoU EvEr WaNt t0 sEe hIM AlIvE AgAIn SeNd MoRE $$$$
merry christmas woof
-HOST-: -shock was killed by Ack Weenies!
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Old 1st May 2006, 20:14
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Re: Warbirds III-2005 Plane Skins

it's more simple: ienemy.
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