Air War in May

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    This is the mainly events in Air war in May...
    There is anyone that we should implement at last May weekend?


    17/40 - Biggest RAF attack on Germany to date as the oil tanks at Bremen and Hamburg are blown up. British claim 1,000 German aircraft lost in a single week.

    10/41 - The Luftwaffe launches a massive attack against London, the heaviest so far received by the capital.

    31/42 - Bad weather over Hamburg, means the alternate target, Cologne is selected by Bomber Command for the first 1,000 night-bomber raid of the war. 1,046 heavy bombers take off with 850 claiming to have attacked the target with 1,455 tons of explosive. Of the participating aircraft, 40 failed to return and a further 19 crashed for one reason or another.

    07/44 The US 8th Air Force launches a 1,500-bomber raid against Berlin.

    09/44 Allied air forces begin a campaign of large scale raids against German airfields and rail communications in France in preparation for D-Day. (we can use jabos against fields and bridges.... and if succeed we cal actually "invade Normandy"...)

    02/45 RAF Bomber Command, launch its last major action of war against Kiel.*
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    Most of it i have ready in the EAW 1941-44 campaign design (as we have discussed). So start of the campaign depends how fast we will be able organize necessary things and implement some important features to TH engine.

    As i said to Vibora - we need make conference with Franz, Tiefox and others about asap. Pls Paulo, manage an appointment for conference.