Around Christmas in 2008…

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    Feb 7, 2018
    I was beginning a recovery of my memories and my health and I was also reconnecting with old friends acquaintances (and Facebook).
    Hi was recovering my forgotten passwords and reconnecting and part of that was of course social media.
    Around that said Christmas I type something like merry Christmas so only nine kids now?
    Yeah I had just found out that that Irish Catholic woman down the street had kid number nine (no husband ever and nine fathers for nine children but I didn’t say a word about anything I just sent my congratulations).
    Holy fuck I got a whole lot of responses about that I sent my congratulations to the wrong welfare bum and I was flamed boy was I flamed.
    Well I was quite shocked I was so naïve and so newly reborn into the world I had no idea that these things called snowflakes had happened I had no idea what a Karen was I had no idea what is SJW Wes in fact I was like a baby and I just thought I was sending my congratulations to a mildly attractive bar girl who lives down the street and I had no idea what I was getting into I even typing a word to her.
    So around the day call new years I went into my computer and I disabled all of my social media accounts because it was an occurrence that had taught me a lesson:
    get the fuck off of Facebook and all the rest of the so-called social media that sad is just a tinderbox and a pack of nut cases and it would be best if you (me, I) get away from that environment it is unsafe and full of nut cases and it is best if you (I) I get off of it keep away from it never come back there and since then I have gotten away from it cleansed it from my soul that was 12 years ago and I have not looked back and I have noticed that much of this part of the world that I am in is still dealing with that terrible addiction and it is fucking up society at least in the west …

    The guy hosting that video is fat and unattractive and is very likely to be judged by the peanut gallery.
    It should be apparent by now that I am revolted and second by the peanut gallery so fuck them anyway

    and I think this guy has talent as a composer and a band leader and I apologize if his music is not pleasing but really I didn’t post this thread to check anybody’s love or hate Of his music.
    I don’t know what that auto harp sort of thing he plays is called but I do like that music.
    Maybe some people reading here will like it and maybe not and so what who gives a fuck?