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    Jan 29, 2000
    those who demand removal of red balance airplanes, pe-8 and meteor, will be banned for two weeks for indirect demand of banning lot's of gold balance planes, thus demanding kill of FH itself.

    the rule is in effect since now

    those who hate meteor and pe-8 are free to leave FH.

    red balance airplanes:
    pe-8 (your fee for playing here, at FH)
    meteor (another your fee)

    gold balance and gift airplanes:
    bf 109 f-2 (<500, balance unit)
    bf 109 t-2 (<500, balance unit)
    c.205 (<500, balance unit)
    fw 190 a-3 1.32ata (<500, balance unit)
    fw 190 f-8/panzerblitz (<500, balance unit)
    he 177 a-3 (<500, balance unit)
    ju 87 g-1,2 (<500)
    l2d (<500, balance unit)
    ju 52/3m g7e IRL 286km/h and it's sped up for balance. also, IRL it has 18 paratroopers vs 28 paratroopers of c-47.
    n1k-1j on CV (balance unit)
    n1k-2j (<500)
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    Before you post anything

    so where can I make this donation so I can view the classifieds? Kinda in the same boat as many of you guys. Been a member for over a year. Hate to post sensless jibberish, will post when needed. But at the rate Im going, it will take another year before I can view the classifieds.

    скачать гта санандрес
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    Jan 18, 2002
    Boooh! Ban Pe-8!! :D