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    Feb 7, 2018
    My desktop PC sits broken on my desk.
    When powering on within two seconds all of its lights would flicker and then it would shut down.
    I guessed that was a POST shut down. I guessed it was the power supply.
    The add-on cards I installed when I got it it also has a terabyte hard drive. A gamer graphics card and a half decent sound card…
    It is exactly the same one that I bought six years ago.
    I phoned around and investigated. It is impractical for me too get diagnosed and then repaired it is obsolete so likely it will be a great hassle so I just purchased the same model of black box PC that I bought six years ago.
    So I am rolling my dice for good luck and I have just bought a brand new secondhand copy of exactly the same PC.
    It is ready to go.
    My plan is to swap the cards and the hard drive and even ram if the chips fit in the slots and coordinate.
    If that doesn’t work which I doubt, I think will work as soon as I plug it in and connect it. I hope (gulp)
    I think the add-ons that I bought for it should swap over.
    It has windows 10 in it which would be cool but I don’t use windows but still be fun to have it. I could MSWin on and laugh at it every now and then.
    My Christmas present is coming up I am a man alone nobody likes me everybody hates me so I am really going to like my Christmas gift from me to me.
    I am optimistic but I am trying not to be in case it does not just power on and work…
    It is or was the best machine that I could afford and the best add-ons that I could afford five years ago.
    Linux works very well on older or used or surplus PCs!

    woohoo! It will be delivered to my door I am in touch with the vendor I am hoping for the best.
    I do not fully trust buying stuff from eBay and those other outfits that are similar to it but these are modern times….
    (It was only 250 bucks!)
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