Clean-out the cheaters and harassers

Discussion in 'Complaint book' started by bhoover, May 12, 2005.

  1. bhoover

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    I see that many players are complaining during play yet will not take the time to file any compliants here at this Forum.

    Aside from historical corrections to the flight modeling that everyone will have their own ideas about the greatest frustration is now a certain group of players well known for their warping and mysterious "super planes" are now taking liberties with insults and harassment of their victims and boasting how great they are and how poor their opponents. Warping, foul language and name calling should not be tollerated.

    There must be some sort of cheater protection software installed such as:
    "Punkbusters" or similar where damage, speed, flight and weapons parameters are server based and not client based.

    If nothing is done soon there will more than likely be massive boycotts or worse: Players will understand that cheating, foul language and insults are accepted practices of FH online gaming.

    The grand idea of FH in an international playing field will fall victim to the sociopaths.

    Please preserve the integrity of gaming.

    Thank you
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  2. bzdems

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    May 3, 2001
    msk, ru
    Some number of cheaters is imprescriptible part of any game. Take it easy...

    PS. IMHO :)
  3. bhoover

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    Take it easy? Ha ha ha.

    There is now more cheating going on than any time in one year that I have seen. Warping away now to out of sight. Invisible planes only located when they shoot rockets. Planes shooting sideways. Planes hanging in the air and then leaving at high speed flying 90 degrees to the centerline. FLYING AWAY SIDEWAYS.
    If nothing is done soon only cheaters will be left "playing" this game.

    What will the world say when in this international forum cheating is accepted?

    The cheaters obviously have no honor, no self self-respect, no respect for others.

    Will pubilc opinion say the same for the FH administrators/owners?

    Take it easy, sure. The cheaters are now the majority. The word is getting out.

    Someone else will start another free game......
  4. Tzebra

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    Mar 2, 2005
    Read the Newsgroups and fish around IRC. (dalnet, etc)
    In short FH is viewed as the Great global joke.
    INSERT COIN is a favored phrase even on Ch-100.
  5. jfm

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    Jan 6, 2003
    dont need to much to be called a cheater, just understand some relation between max speed and Energy managment ;)