Combat Report - 01 april 1943

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    May 24, 2002
    Mission: Freie Jagd
    Pilots: herz and maletn
    Plane: Fw190A4
    Flight time: 40 min.
    Claims: Spitfire and P47 by maletn
    Losses: 1

    Comments: we took of from F31 and started a climb to 4km towards F13 that was under attack. Arriving there i had problems with my engine (yellow beacon), had to circle over the fied until the problem was fixed. Downthere was some dots but at this time when i was finaly able to engage there was no more cons. :dura:
    Well... so we headed to F11 leveling out at 5km and arriving there we found about 3 cons lower over the field around 3km wich i attacked diving on a spit's 6, when about D5 i had another yellow beacon and aborted the attack zooming up, after 2 seconds the beacon went green again and i was a dead ball of flame...
    Maletn asked me if it was the field's heavy 80mm ack that shot me because he was covering me and there was no other con that could have attacked us. But it wasnt the ack, the spit that i attacked shot me down during the short yellow beacon... my plane may have passed warping slowly in front of him :dura:

    After that, maletn joined another LW flight that was operating nearby and kept the mission going on shooting down a Spitfire and P47. Few minutes later he landed his 190 safe at F29. (homefield F31 was captured by red forces during the mission).

    This mission was a disastrous success. :D
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