Combat Report - 01 April 1945 (2nd)

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    Jul 8, 2001
    Mission: Freie Jagd
    Pilots: punski and maletn
    Plane: 109 60%
    Flight time: 10 Minutes
    Claims: 1 (f6f by maletn)
    Losses: 2

    again right after this mission, we went again from f29 to f31.
    very direct leveling on 4km. f31 was clear, before a spitfire went on the runway. (we didn't saq the high f4u).
    the czech lions killed that spit, but there was a f6f low. while we went in, punski got mechanical trouble (right wing gets tired?).
    he couldn't see out of his cockpit and fall into water.
    after i killed that f6f, i was hunting with pbarry and matti from czech lions.
    i had radio-trouble (seems that the ghost of my partner talked to
    me), while i was trying to follow a very low yak.
    pbarry dragged perfectly, but while using radio, i dived to low and
    hit the water, too.