Combat Report - 01 march 1941

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    May 24, 2002
    Mission: freie jagd
    Pilots: -herz- and -medic
    Plane: Bf109E
    Flight time: 30 mins
    Claims: 4 (2xI-16 and 1 Lagg3 by -herz- and 1 I-16 by -medic)
    Losses: none

    Toof off F18 otw F32 free hunting. Arriving there one con showned up. It was an I-15 wich stec managed to smoke on first pass but the con landed. Soo after an I-16 appeared and after a short fight and under attack by medic he belly landed on the montains (count as kill).
    As the fight developed i shotdown 2xI-16 and a Lagg3 after medic's drag. The fights were quite long and medic scored lots of hits.. looks like his guns suffered sabotage. :ass:
    Soon the area became full of cons and we ran out of munition so we rtb to F18 landing safe.