Combat Report - 01 november 1944

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    May 24, 2002
    Mission: Freie Jagd
    Pilots: -herz and riddle
    Plane: Fw190A4 80%
    Flight time: 26 Minutes
    Claims: none
    Losses: 2 aircrafts

    Comments: again we took off from F17 and headed to F2. Area was clear but cons were reported by other flights over F18. We headed to F18 and arrived there around 5km alt and i attacked a low P51. Managed to put some shots on him but no visible damage and followed him on the deck until halfway to F2. At this time riddle reported that he lost sight of me, i told him my post and plan to regroup at 5 5 8 (10 miles south of the current position). riddle missinterpreted the information and flew to wrong direction for a while lol :) 90% of the sortie's time we wasted trying to regroup and after some minutes when we finaly found eachother both were shotdown in less than 20 seconds by a Yak9T. LOL!
    That guy was hotshot. If i recall well his name was andrei and he came from below with hi e-state putting a 37mm on my belly while i tried to break left. I bailed and as my chute opened i looked up and saw riddle's 190 in flames and the Yak diving away.
    We both bailed half way between F2/F18 and got picked up by friendly troops.

    After this sortie we called it a day and slept over the table at the mess with the stomach filled with captured russian vodka. :cheers: