Combat Report - 03 May 1943

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    May 24, 2002
    Mission: Freie jagd
    Pilots: herz, medic, riddle and celts
    Plane: Fw190A4
    Flight time: took off F24-13:27hs / Landed F24-7:21hs
    Claims: 3 (herz (1) SpitfireMkIX, riddle (1) Yak9 and medic (1) SpitfireMkIX)
    Losses: 1 aircraft, pilot bailed safe.

    Rotte 1: herz/medic
    Rotte 2: celts/riddle
    We took off F24 and climbed to 2km heading east then turned to N to intercept cons that were attacking F3 from F9.
    As we arrived midway F3/F9 we spotted a Yak9 heading west, we attacked and medic shot it down in flames. Soon after that, F3 was captured by red but we went over F9 to be sure that there was no more hi cons coming to F3. All clear around F9 we went to F3 where we found some action. 3 or 4 cons started to climb as we kept the pressure and soon it turned into a hot place. A spitfire jumped on my 6 from somewhere as i received 6 calls i look back and he was D3 then D2 shooting me i did a hard break and dove then riddel managed to clear me. Things started to get hot i decided to go south towards F24 (gold) while evading many cons that started to come from F3.
    At this moment Celts informed mechanical problems and had to rtb. He got separated from the group and tried to land F24 but it was too hot there so he went to F23 landing safe.
    We were still fighting over F24 defending the field and now with lots of cons we got some kills. It was a really hot place and riddle was shotdown when trying to keep medic's 6 clear. Finaly with low on fuel we managed to land at F24 when things got calm.

    ps: i think i got a track of the first part of the sortie wich i post here later. :)