Combat Report - 03 october 1940

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    May 24, 2002
    Mission: freie jagd
    Pilots: -herz- and wanze-
    Plane: Bf109E
    Flight time: 15 mins
    Claims: 2 kills (1 Hurricane MkI by herz and 1 Spitfire MkI (?) by wanze-)
    Losses: 1 (wanze- captured)

    We took of from F18 and headed east. The plan was to patrol F32 and F30 area because cons were seen around those fields. We passed over F32 at 3km alt and climbing otw F30 where action was reported and arriving there we noticed about 2 cons 2.5 km and 2 other golds. I engaged first diving behind an Hurricane wich was following another gold and we passed close to the field where i took few hits from the 12mm's ack. On the deck i was able to close the Hurricane's tail and fired a long burst from D2.
    As i hit him i suddenly got a yellow then red beacon.. i thought i was dead coz if i disco after taking hits and over enemy field there was no chance of survival but i zoomed up hoping for luck. Was going to be a terrible bad luck since the connection weas fine the whole night and got messed up just when flyig the first 1 life sortie. Well, 15 to 20 seconds later the beacon stabilished and i started to look for wanze- as i saw on radio a kill for his credit. Checked under me and there he was being chased by a Spitfire wich i attacked and as soon as the spit broke away i got another yellow beacon then discoed. When i was able to login again i noticed that wanze was not in there anymore and checking scores i found that after all i got just a disco and lucky enouth to dont get discokilled but wanze- was shotdown and captured. :(

    The outcome of the first squad mission this ToD is: 2 kills and 1 loss.