Combat Report - 04 May 1943

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  1. -haupt

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    May 24, 2002
    Mission: Freie jagd
    Pilots: rotte 1: herz, medic / rotte 2: riddle and dotsie
    Plane: Fw190A4
    Flight time: 35mins
    Claims: 8 kills (herz: 2xLagg3, 2xSpitMkIX - dotsie: 2xTyphoon - medic: Yak9 and SpitMkIX)
    Losses: 0

    We took of from F40, the flightplan was F40>F20>F30>F27>F26>F2.
    Shortly after take off, riddle had mechanical problems (disco) but we kept the mission going on. Few minutes later he was able to join us again over F20 where some cons appeared to be hitting the gold field. We started the attacks and over F27 where i shotdown a Spit and Lagg3, dotsie shotdown a Typhoon there was coming our 6 and medic shotdown a Spitfire.
    As soon as things went calm over F20 we headed to our next waypoint F30 and arriving there more action started. Cons were all low and some other guys were hitting the field and at F30 i shotdown another Lagg3 that was at medic's long 6 after his attack, dotsie shotdown a Yak9 also and then field was closed. As we headed to F27, riddle got another mechanical problem (disco) so we went to the next waypoint with a kette.
    Now passing over F27 at around 4.5km alt there was low enemy activity and dotsie sugested to go directly to F26 and hit cons there and now medic took the lead over the attack. The first con we met about 5 miles east of F26 was a Yak9 and medic shot it down then dotsie went for the next con missing it on the first attempt but setting up a fine drag wich i attacked shooting the Spitfire down. Some minuntes later after few more attacks and already with low fuel we rtb to F27 instead of F2 and laded safe.

    That was a great sortie with 8 kills and no losses.

    We got a new member on this sortie, he is dotsie (aka lectek from JG13). Welcome and you pay the beer tonight. :cheers:

    Track of the fight over F20. Around 150k download and 8 minutes of action with 3 kills.
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  2. Lectek

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    Sep 8, 2002
    Correction. My two kills were typhoons over F20. That Yak9 I though i got at F30 amazingly got away with a heavy D1 burst.