Combat Report - 04 october 1940

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  1. -haupt

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    May 24, 2002
    Mission: freie jagd
    Pilots: -herz- and medic-
    Plane: Bf109E
    Flight time: +- 30 mins
    Claims: 2 (1 Spitfire MkI by herz *MK and 1 Spitfire MkI by medic-)
    Losses: none

    We took off F18 otw red F32 that was under attack. Arriving there both attacked a Spitfire but it crashed near the runway with no kill credit. Soon field was closed so we headed to F3 climbing to 4.5 km alt.
    Over F3 a great combat happened where we scored some hits but no kills until ive done a mistake that put us in deep shit.
    I maneuvered right into a Spit's guns and had to dive away draging the spit with me. Medic had another his long 6 and went to help me. I went N near F30 when the spit begind me started to hit me and medic was still too far so i started barrel rolls on deck trying to turn the table and in middle of the moves medic arrived shooting the spit wich scared stalled while maneuvering and crashed behind me giving me *maneuver kill. As medic zoomed up the spit that was his long 6 attacked me on deck and here i went again doing barrel rolls. medic got on his 6 then the spit broke away and i ended up climbing and watching medic punishing the poor con until death. After that we headed to F30 landing safe.

    2 Kills, no losses and a very exciting sortie.
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    May 9, 2002
    Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Czech republic
    nice :)

    I'll be flying today's evening (28.7), looking forward, kamaraden