Combat Report - 05 feb 1941

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    May 24, 2002
    Mission: freie jagd
    Pilots: -illo- and -herz-
    Plane: Bf109E
    Flight time: 50 mins
    Claims: 3 (1 I-16 by -illo- and 1 F4F and 1 I-16 by -herz-)
    Losses: none

    We took off F17 to hunt F19 area wich had a enemy fleet near. Few minutes after arriving there i shotdown a F4F after -illo-'s drag. Soon CV was sunk and we just rearmed our 109's getting both a 250kg bomb. We took off again and headed to F4 for a high alt dive bomb wich we did droping our bombs from 2.5km alt and no hits.
    After that we went to red F21 area wich was being attacked by gold from CV just south. Some minutes there and i shotdown a I-16 then -illo- shotdown another one on a low alt attack. Area was full of golds and not a single red anymore then field was closed and captured by golds so we managed to land.

    Then now happened a pretty stupid thing. We landed in pair and as we pressed the enter buttom to exit plane the chat showned: GOLDS WON THE WAR.

    For a second, i mean a SECOND i was not captured because with the reset the gold F21 became red but illo got captured.
    This is pretty stupid arena feature and was a hell of a bad luck.
    Doesnt makes any sense so this capture of illo of course will not be accepted due to its situation. Field was captured by golds, we land and when exting plane field became red due to arena reset.
    This is simply ridiculous and will not be accepted. DOH!

    What must be clear about it is that its not a second chance to this pilot but the only way to deal with such MA setting that isnt according to RL situation that is what I/JG54 is all about.
    Its also a new event to our squadron and from today on we will deal this way with such event.
    Our squadron also have some others rules different from MA setting that is: for us, a con that ditches on his territory is counted as a kill for us, just like it should be. Remember that for MA setting, a ditch on friendly territory doesnt count as a kill, etc.
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