Combat Report - 05 october 1944 (nº1)

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    May 24, 2002
    Combat Report - 05 october 1944 (nº1)

    Mission: Freie Jagd
    Pilots: herz and riddle
    Plane: Fw190A4 80%
    Flight time: 29 min
    Claims: 3 (2xYaks by riddle, 1xSpitfire by -herz-)
    Losses: none

    Comments: we took of from F6 and planned to patrol F8 and F2 area then rtb to F18. We arrived over F8 at 5km alt and sector was clear so we headed to F2. Arriving there we found some lower cons flying between 2km and 3km wich we attacked.
    I attacked a Spitfire twice hitting his oil and he dove to F2 while riddle attacked and also smoked a Yak who also dove away. We kept around 4km alt while some cons were climbing. Few minutes later riddle managed to explode in pieces an Yak and i shotdown a Spitfire. Then things started to get hot when an Yak came a bit higher and while we were fighting him some other 2 cons arrived coalt. We had to break away heading to F18 working out the cons then i was badly damage while draging a Yak but riddle managed to kill it.
    With fuel leak, some holes and landing gear damaged i belly landed at F18 and riddle landed safe.

    riddle and me were not flying much lately, it was around 2 weeks since last time i played here but we were surprised to how well we performed our team playing. :cheers:

    Mission outcome: 3 enemy aircraft destroyed for 1 damaged of our own.
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    Sep 6, 2000
    we engaged the yak first, iirc.
    haupt declared "IN", and 5 seconds later, i dived on the same yak.

    with the delay, we had a small difference in our course, and in a fantastic way we sandwiched him. he only noticed haupt diving on him and evaded. 5 seconds later, BLAM! from the other side! :)

    well it was more like 2 seconds :)