Combat Report - 05 october 1944 (n2)

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  1. -haupt

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    May 24, 2002
    Mission: Freie Jagd
    Pilots: -herz- and riddl
    Plane: Fw190A4 80%
    Flight time: 19 Minutes
    Claims: 1 (1xP51D -herz-)
    Losses: 1 aircraft

    Comments: this time we took off from F17 and headed 270 until 10 miles east of F8 to then turn to F2. Few minutes after we took off a P51D passed under us heading to F17 we engaed but he ignored us and went to attack F17. We could not catch him so we disengaged and went back in course.
    We arrived at F2 around 5km and engaged coalt cons. There was Spits and Yaks and we had a hot time fighting them but nobody managed to hit eachother. When things started to get really hoy we headed to F18 while fighting. Over F18 the fight was still hot where our 2 190s were facing 2 Spits and 1 P47. We kept the fight until the limit when i could not avoid the spits anymore i shouted on radio to disengage informing that i intended to dive to F18 wich i did followed shortly by the P47. When around 2Km over the field i noticed a low P51 who was hitting the field so i attacked him shooting him down but yet on the diver that i got hit losing all my controls (!), no rudder, no vator, no ailerons. My plane going really fast and diving started to roll left due to the torque. When i noticed no control surfaces i was too low to bail and plane still rolling left and as last attempt to stop the torque effect i turned the engine off so the plane stoped rolling and recovered few meters above the ground. It started to gain alt slowly after the fast dive while i was praying to nobody shoot me anymore, i was a sitting duck waiting for a little more alt to bail.. and.. whew.. bailed safe.
    riddle landed safe at F18 few minutes later and picked me up in a jeep with cold beer and 2 pretty french girls. :D

    Mission outcome: 1 enemy aircraft destroyed for one lost of our own.
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    Sep 6, 2000
    when we met the co-alt cons over f2 (a spit and a yak), they flew as a pair, just as we did. so much, that our pairs crossed each other without shooting 1 shell, both sides trying to get to the other's six.

    well since we were in the 190s, we couldnt get there so easily. thats when the 3rd con showed, followed by a p47. with things so nasty, we pulled out. 5 cons chasing us to f18.

    in that chase, haupt and i continuosly crossed each other so we could clear the other's six (which came out to be excellent tactic!). but we couldnt hold for long and had to dive lower once over f18.

    later, we found out that the 1st spit was miixch, and his pair was only a cameraman, one of his fans LOL. but miixch gave congrats to the teamwork of our 190s :)