Combat Report - 1 feb 1941

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  1. illo

    illo FH Beta Tester

    May 8, 2000
    Helsinki, Suomi (finland)
    Mission: freie jagd
    Pilots: -herz- /-illo-
    Plane: Bf109E
    Flight time: 50min
    Claims: 3 (1xP40b by herz and 2xP40b by -illo-)
    Losses: none

    Herz suffered from mechanical troubles and got in air only after 3 tries. I headed alone to f4 as herz was battling with his crate. I was flying relatively fast and low in and out of 4 low cons (2km) looking for drags. Soon p40 pulled up in vertical after friendly, there was no trouble to finish him. Sometime later another p40 did exactly same with similar results. I got both in stall.
    Herz got his p40 after shooting his vator out at deck. We disengaged in order just before things started to get hot.

    (Good) Sortie like many others. ;)
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