Combat report december 42

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    Aug 14, 2002
    pilots: heino, morfin kearby
    plane: 190 a4 light 70% fuel
    fields: f29 f31
    claims: morfin (1 spit) heino (1 spit) kearby ( spit hurri2 LA) mb i haven t said all ur claims :confused:
    looses: heino dead, and kearby capturated

    i was the leader and morfin was my wigman, heino was covering us.... we fought a little between f29 f31 ( there was a cv and 1 or 2 cons)...morfin killed 1 spit and heino too ( i think), but at N f31 we spotted 4 planes destroying a gold, we attacked, i was very temerary and after a furball where i killed the 3 planes, heino saw some cons incoming high, but i didn t say "lets go out here" :shuffle: morfin was following to heino at medium alt, but i was into the deck and fast, some cons was chasing me, and heino gave his life by me U.U, then morfin and me returned to base, although i couldn t arrive because in furball they hit my fuel...

    conclussion: bad flight, only furballing like mads (by my error like leader)

    sorry by bad english