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    FH FAQ (English language)

    FH FAQ
    If your questions are not answered here, post them in the forum.

    1. What's the difference between MS-DOS, FHLauncher and .pingtest pings to FH?

    *MS-DOS pings work on the TCP/IP protocol, only showing you the time necessary for packets to reach the target and come back.

    *FHLauncher pings were handmade by aike and farid and measure "game lag", being more precise for the game's purposes.

    *.pingtest pings the server with iEN unknown logics, usually giving results larger than our FHLauncher.

    2. How does time work in FH?

    *1 FH day = 2 real hours
    *1 FH month = 4 FH days = 8 real hours
    *3 FH months = 1 real day
    *1 FH year = 4 real days
    *A ToD starts Jan 1940 and lasts 68 FH-months (22.66 real days) until Aug 1945
    *To view current arena time, type the ".time" command.

    3. How do I join a squadron?

    To join an existent squadron, someone of that squad must type in the radio buffer the ".invite xxxxxx" command, where xxxxxx is your pilot's name. If no problems occur, you shall receive the invitation. To complete the process, just type the ".jsquad" command.

    If a problem occurs, the error message will be sent to the pilot who sent the invitation. Possible errors:

    *The squadron is at the 32 member limit
    *You are already in another squadron
    *To leave a squadron, type ".withdraw"

    4. How do I create a squadron?

    There must be two pilots online to create a squadron. The commands are the same as if joining a squad, with one having to invite the other. He who invites will be the squadron leader, being allowed to change squad member's permissions ( if they are allowed to invite other members, remove them, rename the squad or it's motto. ) and having access to field radar coverage on the map. To activate/deactivate this last feature, type the ".mapflags x" command. In x, type 1 to activate and 0 to deactivate.

    If a problem occurs, the error message will be sent to the pilot who sent the invitation. This process may fail if one of both pilots are already in a squadron. To leave a squadron type ".withdraw". As leader, to disband your squadron, type ".disband".

    5. Is Warbirds 3, Aces High or Dawn of Aces going to be hosted by FH too?

    In general: no. Here is why:

    *WB3: WB3 won't be hosted because it has too few new features over WB2 for the work needed to create the host and the game requires too much hardware, excluding a very large contingent of the FH players.

    *AH: WB2 was hosted because of IEN's stagnation. HiTech Creations is working good and actively with it's Aces High and deserves gaining all the money they earn. Secondly, Aike personally promised not to host AcesHigh to Dale "HiTech" Addink.

    *DoA: Unlikely. Although iEN is stagnated with it, FH team has very few information on this game. Besides, WWI is out of the community's interests.

    6. I would like to set up a proxy to FH. How can I get the software?

    You may get it with any FH proxy owner. It's completely freeware, and versions for many platforms are available. Finally, you may ask administrators of FreeHost.

    7. What features and aircraft should we expect in the next version of FH?

    Check the FH forum often for recent updates. You may find the list of planes under work at Nicae Central in the New Aircraft section. These are planned to be released in the next FH update.

    8. What effect do factories, bridges, cities, refineries, etc. have in the game?

    This feature is still being tested, and a good system is being worked out. At the moment, they affect the rebuild times of fields.

    9. Why doesn't FH change the terrain to that other one which is better?

    FH rotates the terrains, trying to please all tastes. The current rotation is between wbmedrl2, wbmed3 and wbawt3. Please wait for your favorite terrain, since there are people who don't enjoy it and prefer the others. If you wish to play on a terrain that isn't in the current rotation, suggest it in the forum and wait for the feedback. If there is enough support, maybe FH team will add it.

    10. Why doesn't FH change the icon range? They are too short/long!

    FH icons are considered average. We actually have never seen anyone complain that they are too short. But if you think they are too long, FH occasionally has short/no icon scenarios.

    11. The current gunnery at FH is bad/wrong!

    FH team, when not originally by iEN, has done much research and experimenting until reaching the current gunnery system. In fact, Aike has created a more complex system, unlike iEN's "plane health" method, where each bullet would detract from the plane's health.. If something is clearly wrong to you, post it at the forum along with several reliable sources and detailed information.

    12. Is that guy a cheater?

    Maybe yes, maybe no. Report it at the forum without swearing or abusing please. The team will analyze your case.

    13. I wish to help with the development of FH. How may I join the team?

    FH isn't ready for the joining of volunteers yet. Show them your offer so they may analyze it. Contact them through the email addresses at the FH site.

    14. What is the FH policy concerning bad names and words?

    FH doesn't plan to introduce a chat filter for the bad words, but they plan to remove the nasty nicknames and squadron names.

    15. How can I be someone's gunner?

    This isn't supported by FH yet, since Aike doesn't have the time for it's implementation. Someday it will be one of the top priorities for the FH team.

    16. The FH team is ignoring my suggestions/complaints! Why?

    FH is a hobby of the team and they get no commercial profit from it. They even spend money to keep the servers up and running. Moreover, they all have their own lives to live, not being always available to attend the demanding FH community.

    They may ignore your suggestions for one of these two reasons:

    *Your form of expression
    *Your idea would harm the game balance or the fun of others.

    But your suggestions may be implemented soon if they are good.

    17. Why is this plane so unreal? It's realistic performances were different!

    New FH planes: iEN's Warbirds already came with all aircraft under-modeled to achieve game balance. Every new aircraft created by FH also had to be under-modeled to keep the proportions correct.

    Original iEN planes: As mentioned above, they were under-modeled. Correcting all plane's performances to match historic ones requires monstrous amounts of work and historical data, not to mention some things cannot be performed correctly in the WB flight engine. However, one may report some obvious faults or suggest some updates (backing up with reliable sources of that information). FH staff will take them into consideration but without any promises,

    18. I have an idea for a scenario. How can I make it?

    FH Staff still has no automatics in this matter. Announce it on our forum, so other can discuss it. If the idea is very interesting, contact some of FH administrators. At least they can address you to the right man who can help you.

    19. Why is the connection to FreeHost so bad?

    Internet traffic is paid from FH staff's pocket. They pay as much as they can. You can help them by installing a FH proxy server in your city onto a fast internet channel and then publish it's address to your friends, squad, or even the entire community.

    20. My connection to FH was good yesterday but today it's worse. Why?

    There are several possibilities. To list some:

    *There are troubles in the connection from you to your ISP
    *There are troubles in the connection from your ISP to your country's internet back bone.
    *There are troubles in the connection from the back bone to FH.
    *FH may be going through maintenance or experiencing troubles.

    21. How can I create personal skins/nose-art for my planes?

    That's impossible, since personal skins and nose-art aren't supported by Warbirds itself.

    22. I have found a bug! How do I report it?

    Send an email to any of the FH team (their email addresses are at FH's site) or/and report it at the forum. Fix will come as soon as possible.

    23. This certain aircraft must be included here in FH! When will it be in?

    Are you sure? Then provide the team with the sufficient information. To see the complete list of what is needed, check the New Airplanes section at Nicae Central.

    24. How does the radar work in FH?

    Radar coverage is of 121500ft = 40500yds = 23st.mi = 37km. But they do not cover under a certain altitude. This depends on this basic formula: Undetectable Altitude = Radar Level + "RADARALT" (RADARALT = 600ft ~ 200m), where Radar Level is the specific radar's altitude above the Baltic Sea.

    25. Why does my radar suddenly stop working when I'm in the tower?

    There are rumors that say there is a network protocol bug or a game play error. When a radar is destroyed the entire picture vanishes. You may jump into a human ack and out to refresh it.

    26. How do I exit a human ack?

    You must "bail" out. Don't worry, your pilot won't die, since you are placed into the jeep with an "invitation". Nothing that happens in the jeep ack counts in your scores.

    27. Why aren't there night periods in FH?

    Night is unacceptable, since Warbirds 2D version doesn't darken the outside. Instead, it makes it all completely plain black.

    28. What happened to that FH page with all the technical data on plane's?

    There was a table with some digits related to FH planes. But those digits were extracted from misc.bin file and are SEED parameters for flight model. This means that parameters like "engine power", "maximal speed" ARE NOT engine power and maximal speed. This page was removed to eliminate the source of senseless flames and to not confuse users.

    29. How do I start FH's WB in Direct3D mode?

    Go online through FHLauncher.exe, and as soon as the login window pops up, click on "options". When the new window comes, select "Direct3D" in the "Warbirds Video Mode" box on the lower left corner. You are set.

    30. OH MY! I'm seeing red planes on gold side and/or vice-versa!! What's going on?!?

    Sometimes something happens on the route, so the ghosts of ancient times appear. For example, La-5 is made from Ki-84 model, so it may happen that you see a Ki-84 when the opponent is actually flying a Lavochkin. The same happens with Zeros instead of I-16, or Ju-87 instead of IL-2, or Me-110 instead of Pe-2, etc.
    I don't know how, but this bug disappears without fixing in some time.

    31. How do I start playing on FH?

    You will need to follow 3 steps:

    *Create an account, choosing a FH login & password in the dialog box that shows up when clicking "go online" from the FHLauncher.exe. Just pick an unused login "7UkspKl238R" for example, and any password you want. (Write the password down so you don't forget it!)
    *Choose a callsign, the "in-game name". This must be unique, and must have 6 lower-case letters or "-". for example: "-ab-cd"
    *Participate in the community of FH. Register in the FH forum. The forum is independent, so you will need to choose a new login and password. use the same as your account if you can and wish to do so.

    32. Is FH legal? Does it have anything to do with -ITMO-'s SUN-JAVA based server for WB v2.70?

    Following below is a letter sent by iEN to the Russian Trade in USA. Afterwards you will find a sequence of comments and explanations from the FH team answering many questions you may have.

    =================Original message text===============
    Dear Mr. Akhrimenko,

    I represent a U.S. based software company that develops state of the art
    software. Recently it was discovered that someone gained entry to our
    secure systems and obtained software with out permission. This software
    is now being run for profit on several internet servers located in
    Russia (Moscow) and Poland. This is clearly a violation of both Russian
    and U.S. copyright laws and a violation of international trademark
    laws. The parties who obtained the software make no attempt at hiding
    and in fact have tried to extort our company by offering to shut down
    the servers for a large sum of money. These parties are also freely
    distributing the software throughout Europe, illegally. We respectfully
    plead with you to use common law and authority to put a stop to this
    immediately as our company is losing money each and every hour that
    passes. Below I provide information that I have so far.....please
    help! Please tell us what we can do...these servers must be shut down
    and possibly the thief's punished by law. These parties are also
    making denial of service attacks on U.S. based servers. Can you shut
    down while we debate the laws? Please advise.....Thank you.

    Rich Roberts

    Our Company : Ientertainment
    Software Pirated: Warbird's (TM)
    Russian Servers : which runs on internal net of ru.ti,
    Tor Information NOC, Blg 9-2, New Basmannaya st., Moscow 107207 Russia.
    Phone: +7 095 265 1072, email contact: noc@ti.ru. Emnet-Fsu-2, Information and publishing
    Department..Mathmatical Branch Russian Academy of Sciences, room 2012,
    Leninsky prosp., 32a, Moscow, Russia. Contact: Nikolai Repin...+7 095
    938 1902, Email: repin@ips.ras.ru

    Website: http://home.udmnet.ru/aike/
    ISP: Udmurtian Republic Network
    206 Karl Marx str, 426057 Izhevsk, Russia
    Contact: Alexander S. Mesherjakov...+7 3412 510505..email: mas@izhcom.ru

    Software Pirates Identified so far:

    Pavel Pavlov....email address...tengrie@sky.chph.ras.ru
    Alex Inozemcev....email : alex_1@udmnet.ru
    Yuri Nikitin
    Igor Borodin
    Sergey Kogan
    Sergey Hlupnov
    Fedor Ashanin

    ==============End of original message text===========

    FH comments:

    (0.HITECH's team of developers quit IMOL and founded HTC with AcesHigh game. IEN (new names of IMOL) stagnated immediately. They only managed to add F4F-3 (based on existing F4F-4) and buggy B-24 in two years after HiTech's quit.)

    >Recently it was discovered that someone gained entry to our secure systems and obtained software with out permission.

    1.Noone of FreeHost staff stole software sources from IEN's secured systems.

    2.Finn -ITMO- analysed the game traffic and coded own server on SUN-JAVA. He offered his work to IMOL, and IMOL team offered him a job, but he refused to move to the US.

    Later, a new IEN team started some futile legal cases against him, and failed.

    3.July'99, -ITMO- published the binaries of his server on AGW WB-forum. He allowed any reengineering of his JAVA codes.

    4.Poland started to host WB2.70 using -ITMO-'s server, as well as other multiple short living WB-hosts appeared in the world.

    5.-AIKE- analysed the game traffic separately from -ITMO- and send bug reports to IEN with ways to fix them for free. -AIKE- was also blamed by IEN. Then -AIKE- coded his own server on ANSI-C, and Sep'99 ?IVAN-/--UF-- and BORODA hosted it in Moscow.

    6.-AIKE- offered full sources of server, as well as YAK-1 and I-16 models, to IEN for free, and this offer was renounced by IEN.

    >This software is now being run for profit on several internet servers located in Russia (Moscow) and Poland.

    7.Nor Moscow host neither Polish host gained profit from hosting WB.

    >This is clearly a violation of both Russian and U.S. copyright laws and a violation of international trademark laws.

    8.WB client software is free for copying and use. IEN has not registered an exclusive right to host WB. No Russian laws were violated, and even a violation of any US laws still have to be proven.

    9.Our community respects WarBirds? and we all remember that HITECH and IMOL/ICI made it. No other duties required by © of IEN-WB client software.

    10.FreeHost game is named FreeBeerds?, though it uses WarBirds client software (that is free, if you remember).

    >The parties who obtained the software make no attempt at hiding...

    11.Of course, because we are not criminals and obey the laws of our countries.

    >... and in fact have tried to extort our company by offering to shut down the servers for a large sum of money.

    12.-AIKE- offered $25000 to IEN wanting to buy and host a limited server, like the German WB server (for WB2.01) that existed for almost 3 years.

    -AIKE-'s English is not perfect, but I saw that letter, and it could not be understood as if -AIKE- requested money from IEN.

    >These parties are also freely distributing the software throughout Europe, illegally.

    IEN distributes the software for free, and any distribution of the WB FE is limited only to IEN's EULA, that we obey.

    13.-ITMO- and -AIKE- are authors of their software and have full rights to publish their own work. But -AIKE- doesn't publish his server.

    >We respectfully plead with you to use common law and authority to put a stop to this immediately as our company is losing money each and every hour that passes.

    14.They used any possible way to falsely accuse us of the crimes that we didn't commit, turned to calumniations and blatant lies to stop us and showed complete lack of common sense when we offered our research, channels and servers for free so they could improve their product.

    15.Probably he is right, but free hosts took a very small part of IEN's community. About 50-100 players totally (by that time).

    16.That time politics of FreeBeerds staff was to restrict information about FreeBeerds to minimise economical harm to IEN. Americans and other foreigners in Moscow host have come lead by own initiative, and may be conflicting with IEN personally. FreeBeerds is not responsible for them.

    17.But after all the calumniations lies and nationalistic abuses we had from IEN we can say that now we are free from any moral obligations towards IEN. More to say: any cooperation is impossible before they will present an official withdrawal of any accusations and apologise for it in public.

    >These parties are also making denial of service attacks on U.S. based servers.

    14.Noone of FreeHost staff attacked IEN for DoS.

    Finally, It is a nice example of their traditional policy of lies and false accusations.
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    Вообще то на мой взгляд только идиот будет зарабатывать фраги в миссии цель которой чётко обозначена как:
    This mission was designed for you to go through all the radar options and practice detecting and locking onto targets in all of the FCR master modes.
    и после этого ещё жалуется что ничего не понял.