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    For the last 6 weeks there has been a problem with ants at my place.
    just little black tiny ants, not big ones.
    I noticed that there were several of them along my kitchen windowsill, and they were pretty much all over the kitchen.
    I killed them by hand and the next day, there was even more of them.

    I was thinking, it is getting colder out, fall is here, so they are trying to get into my place and stay inside. Well, the problem with that is that they ain't payin' me rent.

    I watched and observed.

    They are getting into the house through a little crack that exists between the aluminum frame that holds the glass window in place and the wooden sill. I also noticed that once they got into the house they would invariably make there way into a certain cabinet....I opened the cabinet and there was about 20 ants, that had found a jam jar with some jam around the lid and also some food coloring containers.

    okay, they are after sugar. no problem. I cleaned up the jam jar, took everything out of the cabinet and made sure it was all washed and there was no sugar or syrupy kind of stuff anywhere.

    HA! now they will starve! :znaika: :super:

    next day I wake up and go into the kitchen, and they are coming into the kitchen at a rate of about 1 ant a minute. they are everywhere. In the cabinets, on the countertop, on the stove, all over the walls.


    I put some paper towel along the crack where they are getting in and tried to really plug it good. Then I started killing ants. It went on for 2 hours.

    I go online to find out how to stop an ant infestation.

    readers digest tells me to "put a piece of cucumber by they area where they are getting in, ants hate cucumbers". Okay I go down to the store and by TWO cucumbers and chop them up and then squashed them up into a paste and spread the paste along the window sill.

    next day ants are having a cucumber picnic on the windowsill.

    cucumbers do nothing. Okay "try putting some lemon juice along the area where the ants are coming in, it is acidic and ants are repulsed by it. It also disinfects." More bullshit. Next day the ants are just walking over the lemon juice like you walk on a sidewalk.

    So now I have to get some vinegar, which "will kill ants instantly, just mix it half and half with water, and then put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray the areas where the ants a coming in."

    more bullshit. it doesn't kill these ants, so I just started spraying 100% vinegar, uindiluted. Nothing happens, every day ants are coming in. I have now killed hundreds of ants. I go down to the store and buy 2 big jugs of cleaning vinegar, which is twice twice the acidic strength of regular vinegar and way more stronger than lemon juice. I pour an entire jug all over the windowsill and then I take another jug, go outside and pour it all along the concrete by the windowsill and all down the side of the house.

    Next day, I wake up, and ants are everywhere.


    I go down the street to this guys house, (he is an actual genius) and tell him what is going on with these ants.
    he tells me to destroy the nest, just pour gas on it and burn the ants. And he tells me to destroy the chemical trail these ants have made into my house.

    I go outside into the shed, get a can of gas for the lawnmower, pour it along the side of the house and all over in the garden and get the hose out with water running and I see flames goin up 5 feet, and the gas I poured on the areas where there were ants comin out of the ground just burns for about 3 minutes.

    next day I wake up and I have ants coming into my house by the windowsill.


    I go to the medicine cabinet to get a Tylenol, and I see a bottle of cleaner.


    I remember some door to door salesman was coming around about 10 years ago with this "environmentally friendy cleaner" that was not harmful to pets"

    I bought a bottle of it, it was still full, never used it once.

    I go into the kitchen, spray a few times along the windowsill.
    I go outside, spray a few times on the windowsill, and a few sprays on a few bricks.

    next day: All ants are dead, no ants anywhere. inside the house, outside the house, I can't see 1 ant!!! 100 of ants are dead, I look in the garden, on the bushes, on the trees, even in the grass. no ants anywhere!


    If you have a problem with insects, this stuff better than napalm. 1 ounce of this will kill a thousand ants easy.

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    You are a war criminal now. What's next, white phosphorous or some Claymores -- remember always: "Front towards enemy" -- on the front porch? Next stop: Tripoli!


    I had a similar problem with ants. They didn't bother me, but they freaked out my mom when she visited. I suggest just pouring dish-washing liquid at the ants' ingress points; just watch their trails and you'll figure out where to put the stuff.