Halloween in Eastern Europe and the federated states?

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    Feb 7, 2018
    In Europe/Eastern Europe/federated states is Halloween a great huge drunken party or is it low-key?
    Here in Canada and the United States and I think to Mexico Halloween is a big party I feel kind of bad for preteens because I recall enjoying it a lot when I was a little kid dressing up in costumes and asking for (edited) candy at people’s doors that was a lot of fun and now we have an epidemic I feel bad for the children.
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    Jun 17, 2003
    Lublin, Poland
    Dunno how's that with Czechia or Slovenia, but here in Poland it is usually suppressed by the roman catholic church (won't capitalized that name, sorry) and yet celebrated with growing popularity.
    So there are special drawing contests at my daughter's school, contests for the scariest dress or decoration, etc.
    It's not part of our culture, yet it is infiltrating it.
    And yes, we do "trick or treat" too - albeit not all the kids do (I'd say 1/3 in the city I live in do - in normal conditions).

    Clubs, pubs and bars also hold special events, so it's not just the kids who celebrate it.

    I remember cutting one with my father, back when I was 3 or 4 (very early 1980s).
    So it's not that it "came with capitalism" - it's been infiltrating our culture for longer.

    We also have our own traditions, dating back to pagan times.
    Poles and Belarusians celebrated Dziady (Polish) or Дзяды (Belarusian).

    Poland also has a strange (at least for others) traditions of putting on traditional lamps (the so called "znicze" - grave candles) on graves of your relatives around November 1st.

    This year the cemeteries are closed due to pandemic, so there appeared companies that offer transporting the lit grave candles to the graves of your relatives with drones.
    No kids ran around screaming "cukierek albo psikus" (trick or tread) either.
    This is a very strange year.

    As far as rest of Europe is considered - I only lived in the UK long enough to observe Halloween twice, and it's the "same shit" you've got back there, behind the big pond.
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    Feb 7, 2018
    I live in a town in sea-level hollow spot surrounded by mountains and higher land and there’s a bit of ocean to the west inlets lots of iland, lots of inlets and islands...... 15 Miles straight line over salt water, and a metropolis on a huge island... My town is about 15 miles from the big town across the water the shores Strait of Juan de Fuca...
    Dark clear nights you can look at the sky, in that direction and see a glow in the sky above Saanich municipality, on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada. City lights are cool to look at in clear cold nights, if you have height, LOS to those places. Curvature of the earth can be noticed, like being on a my town can see Victoria city if not obscured by clowds, or haze....
    Because of the Higher land surrounding 4/5 of this place , to the south is the Excited States high ground so we are in a east side of a funnel shapes, it does focus sound, look on the google maps, I live in the pointy side of the triangle there........ it can have weird wonderful effect on sounds and air movement too and Field Of View, Parallax..... Earth Curvature....I can spot Lighthouse in Washton STae. Lighthouses a hundred miles away...... See Google earth. ...!. See google maps of Vancouver area.... I live in the pointy part of that funnel shape....... And an about 3 meters above High Tide, the western horizon....
    In my town we always know what the weather is gonna be doing in a couple hours..... The Weather front comes from there, the Pacific Ocean..... And there is The Mountains, and a funnel, you can see it in the google maps, I can see it, from a hill in what is called Alluvial, just a few feet above mean sea level....
    From my place I can hear freight- trains that are 100 km away. I bet of I climbed, like if I were on a hillside or something pointed in the right direction, I could see car's headlights, but it is usually too hazy to see car lights and street lights flickering, headlights, .... Can't see details, of course, the air wiggles, so even a telescope would be detailed view..... I bet from a balloon .......... delight...
    Sometimes, if you are on a hill CAN see for a hundred miles, mostly ocean abd dark green/black, the distant forest of Vancouver island, tucked in that is City Of Victoria......., and sometimes even a headlight, on a road, a hundred miles away, on Vancouver Island......
    And there are a lot of trains that was long on the low lying ground that goes from one end of this valley for about 500 km to a big nasty canyon most of the higher ground is hard rock there is a little bit of river delta on the lower lands but yeah like I said I can hear or feel the bass have approaching trains from a great distance and also the subsonic effect so if I feel kind of weird or like what the fuck is happening often times that’s just because low frequency ultrasonic waves will affect the mood like set off mental alarms and stuff like that ...
    We are about to ban fireworks I think it is a complete ban a total ban but we also live right next-door to the excited states of America and those people don’t give a fuck about anything so of course we are going to get smuggled fireworks ( and the gringo guns from the USA)...
    Last night I guess was a bit special because there will be a band no more shooting stars and noisey little sound bombs won't be sold anymore in BC, are illegal now, as of Nov 1.....not allowed to be sold, Prohibited.
    So perhaps people and their families were having as much fun with those small explosive devices as they could because they won’t be able to buy them unless they go to the excited states of course...
    I went off on my balcony what the fuck I was thinking is it raining outside because I could hear the rattle of what sounded like hail stones or distant musket fire or heavy rain on a tin roof and it wasn’t it was the way that this valley channels sound and I was hearing not Hand Boom Boms and the crack of distant muskets.....sound of distant artillery and the crackle of musketry..... By a million or even ten million.... I think between BC and The Seattle Area area about 5 or ten million people, maybe even ten... We can listen too the whole west coust and watch some of it too, see the coogle eath??? Big air and Big Ocean, BIG mountains....t I once watched as a Distillery in Oregon Blew up, that was about a thousand miles away. See the map??..... I just watched the sky light up......... Didn't hear it... And then heard the radio news, LOOK there is a refinery in WA, right near Oregon, USA blowing up!!!!! See the flare???
    2 million people shooting off their rifles and pistols.
    I don’t like hearing about people getting their fingers blown off and stuff like that however I kind of don’t like the nanny state.
    So I am just gonna leave that up to the leaders to legislate staff about that I really don’t give a shit one way or another fireworks are toys they are not stuff like food shipments and technology transfer coal delivery stuff like that.
    I mean to say fireworks are toys and I don’t care one way or another.
    I could hike into the mountains and shoot a rifle while I wanted as long as I wanted to stay safe with it.
    In my land there’s only about two or three people per square kilometre most of the terrain in this country there are zero people per square kilometre, so if I wanted to make a big noise without the cops coming I could spend an hour to travel outside the city and make lots of noise but I’m 60 now and don’t give a shit about that,
    I live in their floor in a building about 6 feeth above se leavel.... If you know even a litel about topography,,,, I was hearing flirworks from a cone shaped area, the stuff that is not flat, is eather Ocean, [hard Rock Land, like Moutnains and glaciers and raging rivers and stuff, see the funnel shap? That is Aluvai], What I live. Tor pointy end of it, It was so crackle like distant musketry , I was hear all the fireworks going off, not masked or diverted by forests,,, mountains and stuff... I am in Aluvia, this place is shaped like a pan, a cul d sac, a funnel Sound And Line Of Sight unobstructed by forests, mountains buildings, or LAND. That whole funnel shaped area and Think about the curvature of the earth, that I live 30 meters above See Level.... Think about LOS [Line Of Sight[ and the curvature of earth.... I was listened to about 6 million fireworks last night. Not really seing them, or only local ones, BUT I could hear all the AND noise bombs.
    Big deal.

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    In Romania it's heavily marketed, as everywhere else where crap is fed through tv networks. It became a theme for kindergarten and lower grades activities, but that's about it, thanks gods

    Even the traditional winter carol singing is less performed by kids in the cities. It's still a big deal in the deep countryside.
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