How to Sell and Distribute Your Short Films World Wide

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    Jul 4, 2023
    Short films are the foundation stones upon which every film maker built their careers. However, getting your short film done is just half the battle. Selling your short films online is a whole different ball game. It requires careful planning and an effective strategy to make sure your film reaches the right audience. Some of them, which include

    Online Promotions:

    Posting your work on your website is one of the best ways to start. Promote it on your social media handles and online fan forums for a greater following. Online film festivals are now available everywhere on the internet; join communities to participate and learn about them. If you are successful, their production companies or social media outlets will purchase and release your short film. When releasing your films, websites like GUDSHO, Mubi, and HULU are excellent choices.

    Offline Film Festivals:

    Offline Film Festivals are also a great way to promote your short films or web series to an audience that comprises movie enthusiasts. It is also a great place to network with the likes of industry professionals. Film festivals are some places where some prominent movie making veterans got their first big break on the big screen.

    Connect With A Guide:

    Reach out to distribution firms, ask them for a road map, make a plan, and carry it out. The more you heed professional and knowledgeable counsel, the more likely it is that your short film will be seen.

    Video monetization Platforms:

    Video monetization platforms are a wonderful way to showcase your film festivals online. Best of all they allow your content to be viewed by a wider audience of different demographics and hence giving you a better chance at you being organically recognized while letting you earn in the process.

    Marketing your short film is definitely a difficult task however with a good Video monetization Platform like GUDSHO getting recognized while earning will never be a problem thanks to the various features that allow the creator to have full control over their content its ownership rights and its monetization.