Lets talk about out website

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    May 24, 2002
    Lets talk about our website

    I will post here a plan to our new website and pls feel free to give any opinion, add, cut things. All welcome to help.

    -small menu on top of the page with the image of a 190 + squad's name, unit's logo and squad's logo.


    >history: history of our virtual I/JG54 and link to some site about the real one.

    >roster: list of the current roster (only who is alive/active) providing info:
    Pilot's name/Sorties/Kills/Ground targets/status

    *inside roster's page, under the current roster's list we add a link to: pilot's list (complete list of all pilots enlisted with I/JG54)

    >academy: squad's rules, some tactics written by our gurus, :D tips and the must have: --ik--'s 109's tactics + DocDoom 190's tactics
    (do we need some kind of autorization to post ik's and docdoom's tactics on our website?
    + download of some 'tutorial tracks' showing some tactics applied by us in action.

    >hangar: list of the planes that our pilots are allowed to fly during the TOD based historicaly on the planes this squadron really flew during WW2 + technical info.
    + download of the revi gunsight (2D, 3D in all resolutions).

    >mess: this page would be for some really nice screenshots of our boys in action + downloads of tracks + some special mission's reports.

    >office: the infamed report's page. Super uber automated page with a formulary for post-action reports.
    This page may have 2 links: Enter Report / Read Reports / Past TODs (past TODs is a link to reports of the TODs that have been already completed)

    > Enter Report:
    Flight time:




    > Read Report:

    List of the played missions showing only mission type and date. Could look like this:

    Read Reports

    Freie jagd 5 april 1941 read
    Freie jagd 7 may 1941 read

    Click over the one you want and you are sent to the respective page with all detailed info of the sortie.

    *this page should be completely automated and being reseted every new TOD. Is that possible maleti? Is that hard?

    Despite of the report's page reset, every complete TOD's report's should still be listed somewhere on the site.


    We need an special atention to current's roster page and reports page. I mean, in the current roster's page, the pilots scores should have an automated update based on reports.

    Lets talk about it guys and i hope i can get lots of help on the automated stuff. The site's overall design is no problem.
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    Re: Lets talk about our website

    should be possible in 20 hours work.
    you have a mysql database? or postgres?
    the roster should come from the database too.
    were you insert a debriefing, there should be an upload for console.log, screenshoots and trk-files.