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    Jul 30, 2005
    Ok, here are some level bombing tips.
    1. select plane with bombardier position
    2. fly above 5000 ft unless you want to make a raid at treetop level and prehaps strafe a few positions
    3. load plane with bombs of at least 250 lbs so if you miss slightly the blast will still damage the building
    4. let otto gunner handle defense unless you are a very good gunner
    5. don't land with bombs. if you have to, jettison them before landing in emergency
    6. don't dive bomb with heavy bomber except for he177
    7. load with 100% fuel every time in case of fuel leak
    8. there are no more tips
    9. wait, one more. you don't need bombs of more than 2000lb weight.
    10. another one. if no buildings, bomb runway with 50 or 100lb bombs to prevent use. or you can strafe it with at least 30mm cannon (maybe 23mm will work, but i've never tried)
    11. if you are looking for easy kill, catch planes on the runway and strafe them
    12. 75mm cannon is VERY good for destroying jeeps and maybe tanks (i've never tried). of course, if an enemy is ahead of you, one 75mm hit and he's dead. but if it's a Japanese (except for Ki-61 Tony), conserve cannon shells and use machine guns instead. You can only get out about 2 shells per pass at a building since it has to be hand-reloaded every time.
    13. last one. DON'T LET YOURSELF BE CAPTURED! if you're crippled over enemy territory, get away as far as you can until your altimeter reads 500 ft. Then bail out or ditch. if it's not possible, crash kamikaze style (you don't have to, though i sometimes do)
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    dl1105, please if you have any ideas about how to improve bombers on arena we will be glad to listen you.

    But please try to be structural.
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