March 45

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    Aug 11, 2000
    Lyon - France
    Pilots: redley -tralk
    Mission time: over 35min
    Plane: Fw190D9
    Kills: Tempest (redley)
    2xF4U (-tralk)
    Losses: -tralk lost a gear and is blades in landing (Ulrich is pissed off). I lost a 10cent coin, bet it's under the seat.

    Quick report:
    We took off from F9 to patrol over F24 (only red field in area, under heavy attack). Climbed to 4km and when reached area tralk saw a dot going SE. We pursuited and found him at F6 low. I dived and after pursuit killed the Tempest. We reclimbed, stayed at 3km over F24.
    After one dive, one F4U got into my 6, co alt co speed.
    I did swallow dive to gain some speed and extended to F6. Tralk used my drag and killed him. As I pulled up noticed tralk had another F4U at his. Tryed to catch him, but no sucess. He disengaged tralk and came to me. I actually dogfighted him (stupid me :nono: ) and almost lost, when realised I would lose, I lvled, swallow dived and went away. Tralk came again and used my drag.
    We land safely afterwards.