Elite Dangerous Mission Board Stress Testing - 2.4 beta

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    Greetings Commanders,

    As part of 2.4 we’ve improved missions in a few ways, including upping the variety and selection of missions on the mission board. You can see the full changelog here: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showth...ow-(changelog) (look under Missions to see all the changes that have been made)

    During the beta we will be stress testing the mission board system, specifically looking at how many missions we can populate the missions board with. We’ll be looking to find the optimal number of missions for both gameplay and performance.

    As a result of this you will find you’re able to accept a significantly larger number of missions are offered to you than usual. This is all part of stress testing the system, and will most likely not be indicative of what will be available on the mission board at launch.

    Previously the mission board was sent from the mission server as one single message, meaning that some mission boards simply wouldn’t be populated if the message wasn’t fully received by the client within a period of time. In 2.4 each mission is sent to the board individually, meaning it is able to populate one by one even if the complete list cannot be downloaded. If the list is fully received as intended then it will be displayed on the board immediately. If this is not the case, and it takes longer than 30 seconds, it will let you know a partial list has been received and you’ll see that displayed on the mission board. This is the reason we want to stress test and find the optimal number. The testing will help reduce the number of Commanders with partially completed mission boards, the ultimate aim is to have larger mission boards with a higher variety of missions available for 2.4.

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