Mission: September 1st '44

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    Aug 11, 2000
    Lyon - France
    Pilots: redley and beluci
    Plane: 190A8 (beluci got light version)
    Time: About 18min
    Claims: F6F (nflash)
    F6F (kaktus)
    IL2 (ursusa)
    F6F (baksto)
    All by redley
    Losses: none

    In NE corner f8 and f24 were red, rest gold. There was some red activity in radar at f7 and f23 (plus f24). As fuel was short, all fields in region had only 30%, we went to a defense patrol, taking off from F9. We circled around it for a while, going f7 after con was reported there. In mean time f8 reopened. No cons were encountered at f7, so we set course to f8 with fuel at 15%. We would land just after. Crusing at 4km, engines at full power (beluci had problems with throttle) I soon noticed a low dot passing below us. Recognizing the US Navy painting, I reported it to beluci and dived on him. Sneaking behind him he soon felt my 4x20mm. I was now at 1km, beluci still at 4km. We set course to f9 to land. Going there I soon noticed another dot at sea level. Reported it to and went in, sneaked again and bum. Was near f7 now, while beluci was at f9 (radio problems? When we comunicated finaly he had no fuel to come to f7 and landed at f9). At f7 I noticed another dot, just above me (less than 200m diference) somewhat ahead. I headed to it, sneaking again. IL2 down, just over field. There was still a third F6F strafing F7, he seemed not to care to me, and on a 12oc aproach I ended him (but wasn't hi, wen from his low 12 ;))
    F7 was closed and clear, as I was landing (in REAL fuel shortage) I noticed a Li2 aproaching from E, but didn't risk getting him, wouldn't even get near him with the amount of fuel I had. I landed safely, but field was captured a few minutes after. Enough to grab a jeep and run to F9 :)
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    May 24, 2002
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    Dec 8, 2002
    behind you
    Pilots:redley and beluci
    Plane:190A8 Light
    Time: about 30 mins
    Claims: P38L,Yak (type unknown),Spitfire (type unknown)
    All by beluci
    Losses: some ammo and fuel :)

    An increased enemy activity was reported by a CO via telephone, just when me,and kapitan redley were laying on the grass,listening to english BBC jazz music.
    After a short briefing we were directed to check an area of f18, while our base was located at f31 by the time.
    Ulrich and his staff of mechanics, were just ending fueling our Fockes, while we were walking to our beloved machines...
    Quick routine, and we are airborne, heading to f18.
    We quite quickly took 3km's and, after just few short minutes saw a few dots low, near enemy's field...
    We directed to them, along with few guys from nearby Staffeln...
    I reported to redley, that i see some cons there, was almost ready to attack, when suddenly a P51D appeared higher than us!
    His intentions were to kill redley for sure...after 1-st pass he directed up, we split...i went into climb, redley was smartly avoiding his attacks...After a chase, he directed to me, and dived just under, disengaging quickly...
    We went after him, returning over enemy field...luckily, american was gone...
    I saw few cons just underneath me, so after a report, i went for them, redley stayed as a hi cover...
    Fight raged...full scale battle, many many Axis and Allied machines fighting in a great melting pot...
    I was able to kill P38L first, after few of his maneuvers...
    Then, noticed a yak chasing one of ours...few seconds, and he is gone...just when i turned right, another one, Spit was trying to zoom onto friendly...quick burst from both MG151's and he went singing with angels...
    After a few seconds i noticed, im quite low, and many cons around me...worse,i went into some kind of a shooting frenzy, wasting almost all ammo...
    We quickly disengaged then, to f28, redley stayed hi above me, covering still...
    After few minutes, we were safely back on the ground, where we could take our deserved break, tuning to the BBC again...lalala :)
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    Aug 11, 2000
    Lyon - France
    LMAO :D

    BBC jazz, Ulrich :super:
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