New Admins at the Main-Arena

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    Ссылка на русский перевод этой статьи

    In the begin of January three new peoples with admin rights for MA were assigned by Aike:


    Main reason of assignation was absence of present admins and requirement for MA gameplay level adjustment. Above mentioned guys were recommended to -Aike- by reason that they are active players, have long term experience with FH gameplay and experience with arena administration (TA, SA).

    During last week we had been discussing current situation, issues, possibilities and ideas how to adjust and improve gameplay. Discussion is not finished - in several matters we didn't find common deal, but try to find an agreement.
    Besides we have discussed organization of MA administration (roles, duties, procedures, etc.).

    MA admins

    can do:
    - Change arena settings (displayed using .show command)
    - Enable/disable planes in service
    - Kick out players from arena
    - Ban/unban players

    can't do:
    - Change FM, DM, GM
    - Change map (terraing)
    - Change scoring and game rules (we can only ask Developers for changes related to their work on FHLauncher and game engine as the common forum members)

    From above mentioned list are evident that tools and possibilities of MA admins are very limited.
    We aren't the connecting-link between FH users and Developers, we are just common users with extended rights at MA arena.

    Anyway - we will try adjust level of MA gameplay and find some improvements. We have ideas about way to do and we have initiative. We want try to improve strategic and tactical elements of gameplay, implement some scenario features and introduce new terrains.
    Next weeks will be quite "hot" due to changes of MA settings, so we call for your patience. We will not tolerate and listen flamers, but we will be thankful for your feedback and constructive ideas.

    New MA settings will be activated on new TOD.

    List of settings here:

    Arena-Changes will depend on the new Map.

    Bellow you can see every admin responsibilities.

    Data service: all about Logs, Statistics, Lists of Arena-Settings, Changelists of FH-Launcher.
    Communication with Server-Developers about needed changes of server engine (new commands, fixes, etc.)

    Arena Security: the "Big Brother". Observing and reporting all illegal acts in arena (bad behaviour, Selfbombing, abusing, warping, spying, cheating, etc.)
    Receiving complains of above mentioned things by players. Propose ban/unban players.

    Communication with Developers (requests, bug reports, he has experience with the russian development-mailing-list).

    *all of us
    Arena Design: designing optimal settings for concrete terrain.
    Maintenance: needed setting changes, service checks
    We count Spying as Cheating. This means that spying is forbidden. Players who will be catch in spying will be banned. Players, who will stay at tower for more than 5 minutes inactive can be kicked from arena by admins without any confirmation.

    Wish you have good fun with us and happy landings.

    PS: we are thankful to rbull for participation in roles/arena design discussion.

    english discussion
    russian discussion
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