New Handy, around the house PC. NOT mobile.

Discussion in 'Off Topic International' started by hezzey, Jul 24, 2020.

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    Feb 7, 2018
    Now I have ordered a IPad Pro as my Daily Driver. delivery in a week.....
    Buying stuff online is like pulling teeth, FUCK.
    The Ipad will be mostly look at the you tube and looking at mail stuff and some silly games...... Boring. I am too old to thrill over a Ipad, it is gonna be boring.Ordinary feeling, it is not like my Linux... BUT it is fine to carry around the house. while watching cooking shows on the you tube and [deleted]
    I loaded it up, I got the best, I think, of that model.
    I paid cash, no monthly anything, even got insurance.
    Is my Yearly Joy Purchase.
    Every year I try to get a little piece of electronics. In the 70s electronics were big and clumsy. Noways they are like Star trek stuff, amazing. Ya can talk to em even, FUCK....
    IPad just works, that is why I got this one, it is for around the house.
    Maybe it time to hand the year-old IPad over to a niece or nephew....