Elite Dangerous Notice: Forum Downtime - Evening of Sept 25, into morning of the 26th

Discussion in 'Elite Dangerous' started by Brett C, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Brett C

    Brett C Guest

    Greetings commanders,

    In preps for tomorrows launch of 2.4, I will be taking our forums offline late this evening into the early morning hours UK time.

    So you're probably wondering... "What is that crazy man Brett doing now?!" Good news, I have provided a short list of changes that you may or may not like. [hotas]

    - Some vBulletin updates.
    - More updates (these are the worst).
    - Updating some addons we use.
    - Moving [a lot of] forums around.
    - Adding some forums.
    - Cleaning up some forum permissions.
    - Usergroup permission tweaks for new users.

    How long will this take?
    Between one hour and 30 minutes to three hours.

    There probably will be a little bit of change-shock when the forums come back online, as many forums will be in different locations or slightly renamed. We've spent a couple months deciding what forums should end up at their new destinations. No threads are being pruned/deleted during this downtime.

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