"On the Road"

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    "On the Road"

    I came out of the beer store and was walking across the parking lot and this black lady (it doesn't actually matter if she's black) opened up the door to her car and asked if I knew how to unlock the trunk of her car.

    It was a Honda civic. I drive a civic too.


    I said "uhh, well in my civic there is a little thing on the floor to your left that you have to pull up on, or you can just do it old school and use the key, cuz you gadda go back to the trunk anyway.."

    She goes "oh, yeah there it is, on the floor, right, okay, I just pull up on it?"


    she gets out of the car and goes to the back of her car to see if the trunk is open.

    I said, "that's a nice car, I drive a civic too".

    She goes "Oh I love it. I just got mine like 2 days ago."

    I go "The prices for a brand new civic are amazing right now, you can get one for 14 grand, fully loaded"

    She goes "Yeah, I know. I paid 27 grand for mine, but that's "ON THE ROAD"
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    Re: "On the Road"

    Perhaps it was SHE who was fully loaded?