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  1. -nicae-

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    Sep 6, 2000
    Post here your personal fights, duels, challenges, etc in Channel War III: Enemy coast ahead!!

    I get curious on the ground! ;)
  2. Sirum

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    Nov 30, 2001
    Oregon, U*S*A
    Well, it was extremely fun.

    I saw ships on land, accidently put one round in allied plane.

    But we burnt alot of fuel, lol

    WTG ALLIES, and WTG 312th
  3. pietas

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    Apr 28, 2002

    I was a piece of 227 RAF squadron. We got few nice Hurricane's.
    There were 4 of us : commander piterk , tony , miixch , and me.
    We got 100% fuel , 2x500lbs bombs each , roll F2 , and we went low to S.
    Our target was to neutralise f19 fuel + radar. At midway we change heading to W , and next again S , because our SQ got an order from HQ to strike f19 from west side. At all we turn to E heading directly out target. Then climb just before field , and strike. Fuel destroued by Miixch. Radar wiped out hitted by my first 500lbs bomb , but just after I report it i got order from SQ CO to escape N. There were some nazi defences in air. Well, i drop my second bomb into sea and keep an order to leave battle. Our formation just disorganise, everyone tried to escape N alone , 2 of us were intercepted. Piterk got 2 kills , and has been shoot down, and Tony got 1 kill, but also killed quickly after. At all last 2 of us me and miixch land at home - F2 succesfully.

    Next we were long time standby , waiting for next orders and permission to take off.
    We got some reinforcements, our missed member Arttii shows again , and from HQ we got 2 other squadrons for piterk's command : 225 RAF and 306 RAF . It was nice hurri's power, even if we lost Miixch who had to go.

    Finally (uuufffffff) we got new order to strike and close f18 field! F2 was closed, so we roll F5 field , combined with 225 and 306 RAF. Low, sealevel long flight, because there were reports heavy Luftwaffe defences at F18 , our HQ want us to wait in air 10miles SW f18 , and wait for an order to enter and engage. My orders were to strike 2 x 20mm AA guns. Finally, after few mins , we got key order to waste those nazi bastards at F18. Quick climb and strike. Rain of bombs at F18 ;) I hit my 2x20mm targets, but bandits catch us. I shoot down one , but some other 109 enter my 6 , i start to evade his bursts until this 109 has been finished by piterk. I join to piterk wing , but he dives to strike last hangar. Hangar destroyed, field was closed , but piterk crash while attacking it. So i start to look around and engage bandits. there were lot of dots around, just after few second i shoot down second 109 , but other one again enter my 6, and shoot me down in same moment. Thats all my story ;)
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  4. manoce

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    May 9, 2002
    Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Czech republic
    now i know how chaotic it was in real:)

    First mission of my squadron was absolute disaster - still I enjoyed it!.
    Our task was to clear the way for bombers.
    We took off and I ordered my pilots to form up. But what I've seen was 3 full squadrons taking off. Naturely all got lost. We managed to form pairs at least but at that moment I saw a plane diving at the swarm of our planes. I shouted warning into radio, nevertheless one spitfire was hit and fell down in flames.

    This brought chaos into our lines. So when we finally got at place where we were supposed to join our buffs, these were already many miles ahead. At this moment bad connection caused that i lost my wingman - damn. We were separeted into pairs (me flying solo) and i ordered pilots to go after buffs. When we arrived over France, buffs were already returning. Damn again. So we scattered all over Normandy in hope to find some prey. I went over F16, giving orders into radio, when I saw 109 attacking me from behind. I broke to the left and that guy made climbing roll and shortly after he attacked again. This time I just rolled opposite to his attack resulting in ending right over him and behind him. I fired, scored some hits, and the guy started to seek salvation in shallow dive. He was not getting away, nor I was closing him. We ended near the ground just next to F16. Finally i managed to get close enough for shooting. 50 bullets hit him and airelon fell off. At that moment I realized that something is not how it is supposed to be. That *not right* thing was leach of tracers under my wing. I rolled to the right, letting my prey. But. hell. another 109E attacked me and blew my rudder off. I made quick sccissors and got rid of him. Now I had few seconds to decide which direction should i try to escape. F16 was in the way towards England. I decided to go around it from eastern side. How lucky my decision was. There was a city defended by ack fire. Those 2 109s attacked again but this time it all happened in hvy flak fire - obviously it was firing after them too. Those guys had to break and get out of fire but I went straight luckily undamaged. So now I was seperated from them by flak barrier and I knew that me lucky bastard was saved this time.
    I withdraw to the England then.
  5. Cicero

    Cicero FH Designer

    Jun 15, 2001
    Well, I don't know! As I already said to Maletin: For a test quite good, for a scenario there is still missing something.

    Mostly organisation. First :nono: to some SL's who came too late. I bet this is caused by different timezones and the misunderstanding of them.

    I was on gold (allied gold - why? just confusing!) side and had a B-25 (Boston) in squad 192 RAF. Suddenly I was SL, because neigher Mosche, nor Vibora (B25 leaders) was online. This stressed me very much. I just was not prepared for this. Collecting members and building up a squadchannel was all I got completed. Well, Vibora finally arrived (and so does Mosche 40 minutes after Scenario start) and I could give up leading. Squadchannel disappeared straightly and nevercame up working correctly for a long time again (buggy?).
    OK, after half an hour Vibora managed to collect all members (only 5) and prepared an own channel - sq192 was ready! :flyer:

    After start we climbed very fast, tighted our formation. We never saw any plane of escort which failed to meet us like planed. A sudden turn south of Vibora without enough countdown streched our formation (which could never got closed and was main reason for failing IMHO). At F17 we destroyed RDR and some HGR, as planed ( I drop no bomb). We flow further to f15, stretched so much, that we could hardly see each other. So it was a easy game for some 109F's which suddenly appeared. At this point I must say, that no OTTO of any of our B25 did shoot! Bug?
    During a short time, all B25 got shot down without hitting F15. :mad:

    Next waiting in tower again. Now it was planed to flight together with second squad of B25, leaded by Mosche. Start was nice, but I lost soon any of members of sq192, only saw sq100.

    Suddenly I got a freeze, disconnect and had to reboot my computer. So did 90% of sq192. Only Rafa-- (aka Rafael) 'survived' and followed Mosches squad. He was also the only one, who arrived together with it F15 and helped to get it closed. He has made whole sq192 proud of him! :cheers:

    The others of sq192 wheren't allowed to start again, so the scenario was over for them.

    The most fun I really had during the preparation. The flight itself was short and dissapointing.

    But pls keep up work on building sceanrios! It rulez! :dura:

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  6. manoce

    manoce Well-Known Member

    May 9, 2002
    Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Czech republic
    ad spitfire escort

    well this was big problem

    I see 3 reasons

    a) both squadrons (close support; clearing the way one) couldn't take off for long time, because take-offs were suspended - pity u haven't wait at meeting point for a bit longer

    b) cca 20 planes taking off from one F made chaos - forming up was really difficult - another time lost

    c) both squadrons were attacked by enemy before meeting point
  7. rafael

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    Jul 5, 2001
    Was cool, formation flying, bombing, etc.. :)

    I subscirbed to all planes and all sides. Arrived there, and due to unstable (high ping) connex, I decided to fly bombers. Grabbed a B-25 and started looking for a group. I found vibora and his 192nd Bomber Sq.and joined them. They were vibora, cicero, breedr and mintau. 5 bombers, all with 100% fuel and 6x500lbs. :)

    Ok, everything set up and we're told to roll from F1. Climbed to 6km and headed to F17 to destroy hangars and radar. Like cicero said, we spreaded out when turned with no previous warning. Ok, bombs away and started heading for F15 to bomb it. Still no vis of escort fighters and we are about to enter f15 sector.
    Suddenly I see a dot burning.. Cicero going down in flames, but didn't want to believe it and asked him twice. "Are you dead? you sure? No cons vis" :)
    Then its vibora's time to go down... this time I was at norden preparing for bomb run, and I see breedr going down. One less. :( F15 in vis mintau on my side and breedr going down. That's my last moment I remember, cos' in a sudden when on bombardier compartment I start to hear the infamous 20mm bullets crippling my plane. Wing has fall off, mintau following me right after. Damn gunners, were sleeping all the time, no calls. :)
    I bailed out and landed near f15.

    Second mission.. Same plane but less fuel and 8x250lbs. We wanted to join 100th Bomber Squadron, led by mosche, ina bigger group our survivability chances would be better. :)
    Ok, we rolled (while waiting otr I had big red beacon and the guys were already taking off when I got back to green) and I tried to join them while climbing.
    Ahead I was seeing 2 groups of ~5 B-25's each. Suddenly when we were at 3km and leaving English coast, there was a mass mechanical failure (read: discos) which affected all 192nd Bomber Sq. aircrafts, except mine and a few 100th's aircrafts too. I asked authoriztion to mosche to join their flight and I was allowed to do so.

    We rendez-vous with our escort and headed S, straight to F15. On bomb run I had no maps and was assigned to most outer targets (radios, 2x20mm acks). On my second pass I got the remaining ack and we closed F15 when 10mins to finish flight operations!
    WTG 100th and 192nd Bomber Squadrons! :cheers: I had an airgasm! :D

    WTG admins and CO's!