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    Feb 7, 2018
    I place traps and poison year ago and then he stopped sneaking around I figured he had died of old age… I could see his sign I knew that he was here and I even saw his shadow come by me a couple times but one day he stop bothering me and I figured that he died…
    I had mouse place this apartment the best I could.
    This last spring I got another mouse in my apartment and that infuriated me I could see his Pooh I couldn’t find any of his holes I didn’t know how he got in here but he was in here and I could see him in the shadows or hear him at night and then one day he disappeared.
    He was getting in here somehow.
    Last summer I started hearing a mouse in here again and I saw his poo.
    I thought oh fuck what am I doing wrong I don’t want to have to call management and have them do all this stuff that is ineffective anyway..
    How is a mouse getting in here?

    A month ago was just around the time that the blazing summer heat was cooling down..
    I was sitting at my desk looking at my computer and a little fucking black thing whizzed by me I thought oh no how did he get in here where did you come from and he ran over to my open balcony door and went outside!!
    Oh I thought that’s how those little guys were getting in here they were coming from the balcony!

    I have this apartment so fucking lethal and full of poisons for different kinds of bugs and mice and rats I dare not fucking walk around near corners or the edges because I have powders and little tiny black traps with a hole in them with different kinds of poison and I dare not disturb that stuff and I have to be careful when I walk in here and this is a 50 year old wooden building and I know that pests are here and are here to stay and until we get modern housing in this country and stop using wood and start using synthetics like concrete and plastic that we will continue harbouring those pests …
    That said when that mouse ran out the balcony door I have not opened that thing cents I used to use it to ventilate my apartment but now it is closed up.

    I really hate my apartment being infested and I am sick and tired of this and I am sorely tempted to move out of the city and live in a walled tent in the bush.

    that is a long and hard and terrifying project I’m getting too old for that sort of heartbreak and disruption..
    My neighbour down the hall a deer a little old lady she has a motorized wheelchair she’s a sweet old gal..
    I saw her in the early hours like in the a.m. hours she was just leaving her apartment it was really late and she was gathering her stuff and she had cradled a ferret.
    I smiled and said hi as I went by and she looked down at that ferret and so did I and she smiled woefully at me and she said please don’t tell management please?
    I said no I won’t say a word I know why she had that ferret in her apartment.
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    Feb 7, 2018
    We can never get rid of them there a part of nature all we can do is just control their movements try to block them.
    I have been here about eight years now and as many times as eight times managements pest controllers have come through here with her dogs and their cruise with their chemicals and their traps and there’s sticky tape and then after a year those cruiser back with the same tracks and then the next year and then the next.
    A couple years ago the manager came through here with his dog team and their helpers and then they spent that week invading my place pissing me off doing the same fucking job they had the year before and the year before that…
    By that time I had read a lot about pest control and you had come to my realization that you can never get rid of them all you can do is try to keep them under control and I told the manager look do you see that white powder that I put along side all my walls and all my baseboards and under the heaters can you see it by the door there please do not remove that stuff every time that you people come through here you demand that I vacuum it all up I don’t want to do that I want to leave that stuff could you and your crew just clean around it and he was wise enough and he said sure do that that’s just fine .
    I am really glad that my building manager is a smart and cooperative guy and he knew that I have been working hard to help him not to hinder him or his crew there are 800s of us living in this housing complex.
    Every time tech the bug inspectors come through here they demand Tata hi eliminate all clutter and that I seal up all food containers and that I tape and wrap with plastic all my furniture and they put down traps and poison and then in another year I have to do all that again and so does that crew ….
    And then the next year and then the next.

    I thought it was never going to end and I guess I was right now I don’t have to go through all that hell of wrapping up everything and sealing up everything and preparing everything I just make sure it is organized when the guy with the dog comes through and then they leave me alone and they don’t put down any more poison or any more traps it seems that the building manager is aware that I am trying my hardest and that this total community of 800 will never be rid of these pests .
    I was really thinking that if this place gets done by the pesticide people another time I’m going to leave this place I’ll give them my notice and I’ll leave I’m sick and tired of it it’s too much disruption I have had two heart attacks and two strokes and I don’t wanna die from stress…
    I don’t know how much of that I told to management but there are 800 of us and we are individuals and each of us have our own solutions to this problem.

    for me the mice are the least of my problems I think I have finally learned how to keep them from invading this place it is two types of insects that I fear and dread the most one is cockroaches which do not bite me and getting bitten when I sleep by bedbugs is a true horror it is nightmare causing….
    There is so much poison put in all joining‘s and creasing and baseboards in this place I don’t think I have been bothered by bedbugs for three years now and those cockroaches when I see one I know that I have Manny and I will remove the harbourage and apply more poison and I do not get pestered by the bug inspection people except just once a year the guy will come with a dog and that dog takes about 10 seconds and he just goes and sniffs around .

    hi cam sure sets a crew of six of them will come through here I just hope it isn’t soon.

    I am so sick of this I wish that I was healthier and younger I would just leave this town and go live in a fucking tent in a campsite I don’t get bothered by parasitical tests when I live outside dense communities. Yes a little mouse comes to my camp I don’t mind that.
    And cockroaches and bedbugs only live in the city they don’t follow me into the wild country but I’m getting way too old to live in the wild country anymore I am sort of stuck here.
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