report 1st feb 1943

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    Jul 24, 2001
    mission: freie jagd
    pilots: value, roth
    plane: fw 190 a4 100%
    flight time: 40 minutes
    claims: 1 (il2 value)
    Losses: none

    comments: long mission not very many cons. high alt opperation at 7km from field to field. at f10 value pinged a il2 with 12 x 20 mm and 10 x 7,62 mm. roth engaged il2 and the red pilot over g the plane and it broke into pieces. over f10 we lost vis on each other and roth was low running south with 3 cons in his 6. i came from high and all cons broke away due to given 6 calls from reds.
    we both landed with no damage. things to work on: better foramtion flying after engagements. use of rw or bc "stop typing".