TABAHOST "homologation" DAY

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    TABAHOST "homologation" DAY

    This a chunky one, you are aware!

    First of all THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all ppl that attend our calling to come to new server in this so special day!
    It was a blast!
    TH is now a fully ready arena focused at tactical/strategical operations!
    With the help of 22 pilots and a bunch of drones buzzing around in the air and running ammock at ground, we came to a status of Operational at August 27 2005!
    Of course we have some minor issues, that will be addressed in a matter of hours, some of that franz already fixed while ppl was playing... One of my fears, the log in process (wich was the main reason of the TH crashes in the past) was homologated by yankee that was in a came-in/go-out so many times yesterday that I can say now:
    It fixed!!!:D <S!>
    Speaking about ppl, The Gold forces was so miserable smashed as cockroachs yesterday that gave-me pitty about them... tsc tsc tsc...

    (please put your report/impressions here :) )

    Aug 27 2005

    I came in Operations Theatre at 15:00 GMT approx.

    As Im alone, I went to F1, took 2 Libs and went to "Shag Shag" (© yankee) Ports to prepare the capt of F7, soon I got the "company" of laxtsc (red) hilmar and yankee (gold)... Yankee did an first attempt to get me down ,but I could manage to exchange 2 drones by his ammo, and I could close Shag shag 2 port easly. In the run to shag shag 1 port yankee came back, and with the "cover" of lax, he went me down as easy as take the wallet of a blind man! (thankx a lot, lax!!!) :D:D:D
    After that, I change tactics and took 3 TBF to sneak by mountains, so I could avoid yankee and red scort...:D So I got to close shag shag 1 port, but rest the refinery...
    In this time, mikers came to arena, and I sent him to F7 to drop commando while I finished shag shag refinery, meanwile I did it, mikers dropped commando but was shameless murdered at F7! innaceptable!
    So I took 3 Dakotas at F6 and sent mikers from Cargo F25 to entertain golds at F8 while i Took F7...
    Man, It was sooo sweet... that yankee didnt saw the Old Stinky Snake took F7 under his nose... :D
    At this time, ricedd and franz- came in and we went to F18, took 9 Dakotas, 3 bettys and went to


    Our orders was:
    Section of transporters: Drop SAS's Commandos and capt F12 and F11, in order to establish a base close to Rabaul,
    Bomber wing: Close Rabaul's Port, Refinery and Factory.
    Well so we came to mission. At first, F12, me, mikers and ricced managed to drop SAS, and immediattely I went to F11 to do the same. Meanwhile franz commanding the bomber wing went to Rabaul. During my trip F12>F11, my SAS help to bomb F12, when I came close F11 I .remdron it and launch SAS at F11 and run away. As I running from F11, F12 got close. So, (yankeee... guess?) I capt the second field in the night. F12 is ours and we have a beach head at the gates of Rabaul. meanwhile, my SAS did its job at F11 and I rolled from F12 to (guess????) Yes, Sr., 3rd field in a row! The Ol'Stinky-Snake was impossible! :D
    So the plans to conquest Rabaul was going very well.

    The miserable Golds finnaly awake...
    Well, to say in short, things goes in a difficult way at that time, and our progress get a big slow down... seems Gold was not in a mood to give Rabaul without a blood bath...
    But we payd the bill.
    I rolled from F11 w/ 3 captured Bettys w/ 50kg bombs and went to rabauls port. Bad idea... the 50kgs was quite innefective and I couldnt close it in the first pass, so I spend all load to closed the port and have to did a banzai attack to factory, closing it also. But rest refinnery again... I took 3x TBFs and got that! Rabauls is ready to capt!
    meanwile (mixer or glas I cant recall) was in Dakotas to capt it, but factory went up! Damned! other banzai dive and Rabauls finnaly close! few seconds later. 4th field took.
    The Battle of Rabaul is finnaly ended.
    A :rose: to all pilots from both sides that gave his lifes in that slaughtery.

    After that I went to F7, sent tanks to "soft" F8 and went to drop SAS. I managed to do it, but due technical malfunction (got drunk) my Dakota went in the blue and cold waters of Pacific.
    In the second run I got intercepted by a gold fighter, and need to go again, but this time Mrs. Vibora called me to real life, ending my intents and close a victorius campaign.

    I wish to <S!> 3O3 and 3O2 Polish squads that came to fight, in special to 3O3, that was the first WB squad that support TH. Thank you mates! Please feel like it is yours, becouse it is! :D
    Also I want to <S!> The COMAVs and Jambocks that came; unfortunnaly in small numbers that I couldnt see any organized action, but we came to stay and I still want to measure forces against AND with you!
    And a <S!> to all lone wolves that came to fight, fly and feel the challenges of TH :D

    I just regret so many ppl that I appreciate to fly togheter and against that didnt could manage to show up, specially the brazilian ones, wich have no idea that what are loosing... but choices are choices... I must respect.

    And for the last (intentional): A BIG <S!> to my brave Kommandos! WTG men! As former Kommodore of I/KG200, Im very very proud of all of you! You developed your skills at so high level in tactical missions that you dont need anymore leadership in a "cisca" mission, It is a matter to say to you: F#>F#, need factory, port and ref. I bet when alemao conceived and developed the doctrine of such "cisca" missions, he couldnt see the level you guys could reach. Our pavement to victory at Battle of Rabaul was done so precisely and fast that golds did havent a chance to react.
    Once more I must say: With I/KG200 Kommando Nebula full roster in arena, we are a dirt hard bone to deal!

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    Re: TABAHOST "homologation" DAY

    what bugs did you encountered exactly?
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    Sep 25, 2001
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    Re: TABAHOST "homologation" DAY

    Personally I did only noted 3 things that I call "issues" not bugs:

    1) Ghost kills: sometimes some pilot got a kill in a "weird" way, like I didnt shoot -exec- but as -exec- dies, the kill count to me... but I think it is some untold rule...

    2) Hmacks hard to destroy: also not a bug, but only a matter of tweak, alias franz told me tht he fixed it while ppl flyes.

    3) "Long range collisions" one pilot reported that two pilots just under (2Kms) him collided and he also lost a wing (I imagine what a plane explosion!!! :D) that, I thinq, deserves a close look...

    Nice, isnt?
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    Re: TABAHOST "homologation" DAY

    Also : very hard to kill drones, with no visible damage on them. I heard about drone without stabs or ... rearfuselage and keeped flight normally :)
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    Re: TABAHOST "homologation" DAY

    Realmente, só fiz alguns ataques bombardeiros sem divulgar para ninguém, sempre voando bem alto (inclusive para fechar f13, todo mundo estava ajudando e daí fecharam) e cacei...

    No mais, está muito legal! Algumas adaptações aqui e ali e já fica 100% TH!
    WTG! :)

    English version:
    bla bla bla
    Very cool! bla bla bla! WTG! :)
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    Re: TABAHOST "homologation" DAY

    Well, I was reachead for "long range colision" acident and it was very funny to see the mess caused for this problems. But I know that this little details will be repared soon! WTG Tabateam! Congratulations to COMAV people for the massive help! And to Sonicx for that fantastic description about the events! lol :)
    Hilmar (raposo)