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    Mar 2, 2005
    This really doesn't require any "data" since "all" tanks have a seperate coax.
    Unfortunately the maingun and coax here are on the same trigger.

    Is it possible to move the coax to trigger 2?

    Since tanks are so rarely used, what are the chances of replacing the coax with the commanders gun (12.7mm)

    Additionally the range and hitting power needs to be increased, since the 75mm used in the tank is the exact same as the one used in the B25H.

    T13E1 / M5 75mm (Same ammunition and ballistics as M3)
    Barrel length: 40 calibres (3 m)
    Muzzle velocity: 619 m/s
    Shell weight (M72 AP): 6.32 kg (14pd)
    Armour penetration (M72 AP shell, @457m, AOA/30dg): 76mm penetration.