The Most Depressing Video You Will Ever See

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    May 11, 2021

    Deep in the mountains, but only 300 or 400 miles from Washington, DC.
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    Feb 7, 2018
    Video unavailable.
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    Jun 17, 2003
    Świdnik, Poland
    I find filming people we help disgusting.
    Yet this might be of use... for some "1st generation, turbo-Americans" I know.
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    Feb 7, 2018
    Those people in the backseat we’re all having a good time!
    Nuff said.
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    May 11, 2021
    I agree with you, and also find videos like this painful to watch. It's one of those ethical dilemmas we face in life, and a good one for an ethics class. Does the "good" done by showing the world the plight of unfortunates outweigh the voyeuristic "entertainment" enjoyed -- a harm -- by those of us who are more fortunate? In this case, I think more good than harm is done. At the very least the family has received a lot of money to raise their standard of living a little (a lot to them, by their standards). And now others are reminded that there are always many less fortunate.

    [Edit: I see I referenced money. My Euro girlfriends always faulted me for thinking about monetary worth of a property or object, so that's a difference between natives and turbos.]

    Haven't we all had to make moral judgements and been left questioning if those judgements were "correct" for the rest of our lives? Of course. Pro tip: a cultivated short-term memory and alcohol are helpful.

    Haha, turbo-Americans ;) Although even today, sir, I was delighted to receive a holiday package of traditional holiday foods from "the old country" (or as close as we can get these days in Europe). After a few beers, and a taste of that magical Ur-cultural food followed by some bitters, I may feel the ancestral urge to march eastward and regain the ancestral homelands! But the turbo-American in me will just drink a beer, surf the internet, and become worried if my Christmas presents to the younger children in my family will arrive before 25 December. Das Leben ist schwer.
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    Feb 7, 2018
    The man who is driving around which I suppose was the part of a two-man crew because someone was handling the camera…
    I mean that man who is driving that car and doing most of the talking was I think a great guy.
    Imagine the thought and the feeling and the practicality of him and his skills those for in the backseat role as happy as clams they were on their way to a great big grocery store they could buy stuff they could laugh and joke and it looks like they were really comfortable there it was a nice day everything is just fine for them and that brought back so much to me because my mom and Don did dedicated care for perhaps 10 who knows 15 people who went from home to home of course that is the way of life for special-needs people a lot of them don’t have anybody to care for them to advocate for them it’s all about charity and church groups and in my country it was the government doing that the Ministry of somebody .
    Nowadays the ministry of whoever has organized it for people that are really disabled and can’t manage on their own to live in homes with a senior couple and maybe their children maybe their pets anyway they will be at home with qualified people in it and their family..
    I think they’re called group homes but there’s more to it than what teenagers would live in…
    Yeah I guess they’re called group Homes?
    Anyways I have watched with a even critical eye dozens of people in that trade they do everything from palliative care to the house keeping and they do a 95% wonderful job and the other 5% of the people they never crossed my path where I live people that host a group home and run it that’s what it’ll be it’s like a great big rooming house..

    My mom has told me her feelings about those people who are so fucked up that they could not manage on their own.
    My mom and Don and I suppose my whole family we all accepted and welcomed those men…anyway they lived downstairs from mom and Don’s big house it was more like a mansion every place that they lived in was like that.
    And the boys that lived with them I think that was a great thing for mom and dawn to do me and my sisters we were all grown up by then and I moved away….

    Like what the Beverly hillbillies lived in remember that one?
    And mom and Don used to drive with the boys.
    Mom and Don excepted to care for two boys in the downstairs room and they both went to various schools and institutes and colleges to learn that craft and mom‘s level of training was a registered nurse who specialized in palliative and (I forget).
    And mom and Don and their home wasn’t just host to these men that came to stay there that was their home they were institutionalized people every single one that I ever met had come out of the old style Binz. These usually big complexes with 100 or 500 people living in them and sometimes they were really horrible places…
    I mean a guy who has no control of his bowels and maybe he drools…
    And another guy had a eye smashed in and healed up one of his legs bent.
    That was Marcel called Mark he was quadriplegic and so spastic that he was just kind of wiggly and he was how high IQ.
    Sometimes he would act like a two-year-old trying to get away with shit and then mom would straighten him out with a look or she’d say something behaviour self..
    Mark was 30 something and he knew better than to act like a baby but remember he was institutionalized from the minute that he was born…
    But that was just one of those many boys that came to live downstairs of mom and Don’s place…

    I mean those guys that lived downstairs from mom and Don’s were poor as a church mouse they were charity cases. And every single one of them were wards of the court and mom and Don would have daily responsibilities for them 24 seven…

    And mom and Don treated them wonderfully.
    Not like patients they were the young men live downstairs..
    What my mom called the boys.
    I don’t remember what Don called them but he loved the guys that would live downstairs just as much as my mom dead.
    And I’ll tell you that that kind of car that is offered to really give all the people is a sign that mankind is not finished that we’re not all ready to go to the euthanasia booth by the forest…
    I mean just go with the flow and have a blast it is easy to get used to people who are bent and have missing parts….
    You know you just hang out with somebody with visible deformities like that and you forget about them in a minute or five.
    It is a big thrill to teach a guy how to play that kind of golf I forget it’s on a tiny course it has a name it’s bunny golf or something like that.
    Or set time being done rigged up a couple of tire tubes and brought Marcel down the slopes.
    He was so spastic and quadriplegic and fucked up he couldn’t even manipulate the tire tubes he wasn’t capable of much of anything except crawling…
    I think you could get a spoon into his mouth so he could have his soup.
    I don’t know how we wiped his butt and I never asked…
    Mark was not totally dependent he tried his damnedest to do the simplest things and the determination that he showed and how proud he was when he accomplished something that was very difficult for him to do like come up to the second floor through those sort of like mansion stairways and find his way to the dining area and get into a seat to have dinner with the rest of us and all man he should’ve been wearing a tuxedo he was so proud…

    Me and Don rigged up some tire tubes those big ones and made him a rig that he could come down the ski slopes with and he had never seen anything like that he had never tried anything like that since He was about 30 years old…
    when mom and Don brought him in ….acted like a spoiled rotten four-year-old..
    He used to make a mess he used to puke and shit he used to argue.
    And mom said holy fuck Brad you wouldn’t believe how those people in that horrible hospital treated him he didn’t deserve any of that and she took him off the pills and she gave him a diet and kept him comfortable with enough roughage and soups and salads…
    Don used to drive these guys around in the backseat and there was usually someone got to sit in the front seat to.
    And I went how about 100 times maybe 200 with mom and Don and the boys to this and that park or mall or towns…
    And those guys that mom and Don had as borders acted and enjoyed things as much as those people in that car that was a nice film!
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    Jan 11, 2006
    The victors write the history books
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