The Quarter Section On Ground Zero.

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    Jun 3, 2006
    Tower of power.
    A quarter section. The place I patrol is built on a quarter section. The corner I am mostly garrison is 26 stories high, in parts.
    There are many places people can slip away to have a nap or fix or smoke or sniff or 20 dollar blow job from a local crack whore.
    So, I am stuck for a while, taking a turn at 'control.' I hate 'control.'
    Tasks there, at 'control' are;
    Paperwork, answering stupid questions and monitoring a bunch of nazicams, I mean a WHOLE BUNCH. All over the fuckin place, all with little servo motors and zoom lenses, 360 degree lookie.
    And coordinating, if needed, the movements and actions of a bunch of guys [and a few gals too] all connected via these radios thingies they give us.
    I see a guy lowering himself into a shrubbery. As if he is lowering himself unto a hot bath, it looks like, to me. I think to myself, "He is taking a shit. FUCK."
    Personally, I don't give a fuck where the guy shits. I don't even care if he shits on THIS property. I just care about it if I have to deal with it. If the camera sees it, then a guy has to deal with it. Simple.
    This means
    using the radio thingie.
    identifying the exact location of the thing, person or event
    find out who is closest
    No one was gonna do it. Busy. Presently occupied. On a break. Too far Away from the scene.
    No one was gonna chase the guy away. AND HE WAS LAYIN AN EGG RIGHT THERE!
    Someone's CHILD could go into that shrubbery and catch AIDS or HERPES! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW!!
    [Consider the following, Mother A or Grandmother B or Uncle C brings a toddler to a quarter section sized, 26 story high wonderland of nooks, crannies, shops, rooms, shafts, hallways,walkways and stairs and it is built on Ground Zero, the WORST part of town, inhabited by crack heads, junkies, pimps, thieves, fences, Guatemalans before they get cars, Kung Fu trannies, baseball bat shop owners, drunken work crews just out of the bush who are looking for fights, hookers or drugs etc.... and
    Mother A or Grandmother B or Uncle C says to the kid, "Go away and play in that shrubbery...." Hey, things like that happpen all the time... apparently]

    So in the camera is that guy, hunkerin down. He looks to me, like he is takin a crap. He is on camera, so I cannot claim
    I didn't see him,
    therefore I can not,
    nor did I
    attempt to interupt the man
    or his business as
    I was unaware of anything untoward in that shrubbery at that time.
    So there.

    03:00hrs. There are four or five others on site, but none of them available to go deal with this thing. I radio and then I log it and then I wait and then fatso, the guy who doesn't actually work, comes waddling back, asks what was up and then send me out to deal with it.
    The guy is still in that shrubbery, except maybe now he is setting up camp or looking through his plastic bags or something, because he didn't leave the shrubbery,but is now in amongst it.
    So, I head over there.



    I have to get my shit together and put my boots on and leave this place, for I am soon on my way to The Quarter Section On Ground Zero.

    I will finish this fucked thing in a while, from the work site, if they let me.

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    Apr 2, 2005
    don't you know that no one reads posts more than 2 lines? :D
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    Feb 17, 2005
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    Jun 3, 2006
    Tower of power.

    I think I said this before:
    Chinks aren't a big part of the whole Culture of Homelessness Addiction scene. Yeah, I know I said that. And they aren't.
    Them sneaky, greasy, slopeheads can always count on their families to bail them out of all the awful, disgusting messes they get themselves into, due to their savage and inhuman behavior. Chinks ain't no good, after all. There is proof. One time I
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    Apr 11, 2003
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    what is this place that is so damn important to someone they need 360 degree cameras and multiple security guards looking after it?

    You are a security guard.

    What does this mean? It means you are expected to protect property from damage, theft, trespassers, etc. You do not have to become concerned with a half pound of human shit in some bushes. A half pound of shit in some bushes is not a security threat. A half pound of shit is not damage either. If it needs to be removed that is the jurisdiction of grounds maintenance or janitorial services.

    If anybody ever calls you into their office and says: "uhhhh Mr. Biles, you've been with us for a while now, it seems you didn't do anything about the shit that was layed by a DP at 3:21 a.m. according to the tape on security camera #4. You have an explanation for why you didn't do anything about that incident?"

    You say: "what am I supposed to do? no one gave me a fuckin shovel. Do I look like a janitor? Actually, that half pound of shit is a major health risk for me. Why the fuck haven't you had someone remove it? How am I supposed to provide security for this place when there's piles of aids infected shit under every bush, fuck this bullshit"