Elite Dangerous [UPDATE] Changes to Ram Tah Mission Rewards

Discussion in 'Elite Dangerous' started by Dale Emasiri, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Dale Emasiri

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    Greetings Commanders,

    As many have already noticed, the reward bonus for Ram Tah’s Ancient Ruin data mission has changed.

    Ram Tah’s mission was initially intended as a temporary event within the game to further the narrative of the Ancient Ruins and research of its origins and purpose. This was to be replaced with the mission from Professor Palin – which is now active within the game. We decided that instead of removing this event mission from the game, it would remain at a reduced bonus so that those who didn’t have the opportunity to take part before can still do so.

    Anyone that accepted this mission prior to the changes will receive the original reward bonus and will not be affected, while those who accepted the mission since these changes were made will receive the new, decreased bonus.

    It is worth noting that missions within the game are subject to change and high-paying mission rewards will be tweaked as necessary. If you have any concerns or feedback please be sure to let us know and we’ll continue to report back any discussions to the Development Team.

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