Who is SPY?

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  1. Funtom

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    Apr 27, 2008
    posted just for the fun, guys ;)
  2. adnann

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    Dec 19, 2010
    23:37:31 -HOST-(Common): bckbrd <<--Enter the room as Gold
    23:37:32 bckbrd(Common): Hi all
    23:37:49 kenobi(Gold): in aa f1
    23:38:05 ogre--(Gold): my skin li2=skin pe8
    23:38:12 -HOST-(Host): System:adnann Ditched
    23:38:12 -HOST-(Host): System:moved to F27 FIELDF27
    23:38:13 -HOST-(Host): FLIGHT TIME - 242 sec
    23:38:13 -HOST-(Private): ==================================================
    23:38:13 -HOST-(Private): Last mission score: 0.000 - Fighter mission.
    23:38:13 -HOST-(Private): ==================================================
    23:38:18 -HOST-(2): Reds:4 Greens:0 Golds:8 Purps:0
    23:38:18 -HOST-(Host): Sending file

    berkto Gold in flight
    kemala Gold in flight
    bckbrd Red FIELD F1
    ffeijo Gold in flight
    ales-- Red in flight
    -hami- Gold in flight
    kenobi Gold in flight
    gandhi Red in flight
    aybars Gold in flight
    ogre-- Gold in flight
    -varga Red in flight
    adnann Gold FIELD F27

    23:38:34 adnann(Common): bckbrd spy
    23:38:39 -HOST-(Host): System:moved to F22 FIELDF22

    2:03:11 -HOST-(Host): Kill of trollb by visloa from USMC Blacksheep Squadron
    22:03:20 -HOST-(Common): bckbrd <<--Enter the room as Gold
    22:03:21 bckbrd(Common): Hi all
    22:03:22 visloa(Common): lol idiot
    22:03:29 -HOST-(Common): berkto <<--Leaves
    22:03:29 -HOST-(Host): Kill of berkto by bckbrd

    21:09:58 -HOST-(Common): bckbrd change country to Gold
    21:10:00 -HOST-(Host): Kill of Commandos ALES-- by woobie
    21:10:03 -HOST-(Host): -alw-- was killed by Ack Weenies!
    21:10:07 -HOST-(Common): bckbrd <<--Leaves
    21:10:19 -HOST-(Common): bckbrd <<--Enter the room as Gold
    21:10:19 bckbrd(Common): Hi all
    21:10:19 adnann(Common): fuck spys
    21:10:24 buzbat(Gold): hanger fuel 20 up f31
    21:10:26 -HOST-(Common): bckbrd change country to Red
    21:10:37 reuben(Common): Spyfucker?
    21:10:39 adnann(Common): fu bck
    21:10:41 nerohi(Common): yeah the spy is fucking up
    21:10:43 bullet(Common): bckbrb dont do that!!!
    21:10:45 -alw--(Common): lol

    23:55:05 -HOST-(Common): bckbrd change country to Gold
    23:55:10 biber-(Gold): welcome back, no matter, go hit bigs, we do the rest:)
    23:55:14 biber-(Gold): lololoolo
    23:55:14 -HOST-(Common): bckbrd <<--Leaves
    23:55:17 jotace(Gold): I used to close a medium field with HE in 2 passes
    23:55:18 biber-(Gold): spy
    23:55:19 -HOST-(Common): -keen- <<--Enter the room as Gold
    23:55:21 -keen-(Common): Hi all
    23:55:27 -HOST-(Common): bckbrd <<--Enter the room as Gold
    23:55:28 bckbrd(Common): Hi all
    23:55:35 biber-(Gold): fuck off spy
    23:55:36 -HOST-(Common): bckbrd change country to Red
    23:55:42 jotace(Gold): who is spy?
    23:55:47 adnann(Common): fuck bckbrd
    23:55:53 biber-(Common): bckbrd is spy
    23:56:06 biber-(Common): he will be banned soon
    23:56:08 buzbat(Common): report
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    Jan 12, 2007
    in a bar
    I spy... an empty bottle. :@drunk:

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    Jan 11, 2006

    Well... find a full one and I'll join you !!!!!

    Happy New Year , Bro. Mumble !!!!!!


    A typical day at FH :


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