Elite Dangerous 2.4 beta changes to Holo-Me customisation and in-game livery

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    Greetings Commanders,

    We wanted to give you a quick heads up on some in-game changes to Holo-Me customisation that will be visible when the beta goes live and help make sure there isn’t any confusion when you see it.

    The first change to note is that there is now a slot for eyewear! You’ll be pleased know that you’ll be getting a fresh pair of glasses via the Frontier Store for free once 2.4 launches fully after the beta!

    Coming in 2.4 there will be other sets of glasses in a wide range of styles that will be available exclusively via participating in community giveaways, competitions, events and streams.

    You’ll also notice there are spaces for the ability to swap out the tops, sleeves and legwear of your avatar outfits. In 2.4 there will be the option to purchase a wider range of new suits from the Frontier Store. In this new range of suits, you’ll be able to switch between each part of the outfit, based on the full suits that you own.

    In 2.4 we’ve also included an update to the in-game livery store, where you’ll be able to preview in-game items before purchasing them!

    Also - beta change log is on the way... just waiting on a couple of tweaks.



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