Badly badly badly the model of firings of the LW

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    May 12, 2000
    Dear friends:
    Something rare is happening to the model of damages in WB and to the lethality of the firings of the airplanes of the LW, I explain myself: BF 109G6 versus Spit IX, distance 100 yards, 35% of firings of of 20 mm and 30% of 13 mm, result: single damaged to the deposit of gasoline, duration of fire range of 3 seconds. No more damage but, Spit IX lands and even before it demolishes another airplane without having lost maneuverability.

    Nevertheless, P51B versus BF 109G, distance 200 yards, duration of fire range 1 second, and destroys the elevator and rudder of BF 109G, the same happens with a shot in deflection of a privateer against a BF 109G, time of fire range 2 seconds, front with something of deflection, lost of all the tail. That it happens with the model of firing of the BF109? Single it passes me to my? It is a variation of the FH for some reason? In the Off-line way it does not happen this, before either, with 100% of the ammunition sufficient tapeworm for 5 demolitions and even but, also demolitions single with mg's are hacian, the damages caused from behind were demolishing, in deflection but even.
    So that now no?

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