Combat Report - 01 feb 1941

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  1. -haupt

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    May 24, 2002
    Mission: freie jagd
    Pilots: -herz- /-illo- lep-jg/ratman
    Plane: Bf109E
    Flight time: +- 37 mins
    Claims: 3 (1 Spitfire MkI by herz and 1 Spitfire MkI + 1 P40 by -illo-)
    Losses: 2 (ratman and lep-jg captured)

    We setup a scharm herz/illo, lep-jg/ratman and took off from F18 to freie jagd over F32. Arriving there at about 3.5/4km al we spotted some cons lower wich rotte 1 attacked. As the fight developed we kept pressure while rotte 2 was providing high cover.
    The real fight started when illo was zooming out of a pass and was attacked by a Spitfire wich got really close and he did not see... it scared me outta shit but i was in a good position and shot the Spit badly, he dove away losing pieces and smoking then the pilot bailed out. Illo luckly was untouched :))

    Well after that the fight got really hot and soon ratman was suddenly jumped by 3 cons and was forced to dive near F32 in middle of a red hell we all went to help him since it was a deep shit... he first went south of F32 then turned west under heavy fire. 2 P40s and Spitfire his 6 and we behind them illo passed by me and went for the P40 the spit barrel rolled behind illo but i managed to make him break. Illo shot the P40 down but ratman lost engine at this point and was forced to ditch. Me and illo managed to extend with the spit behind us and started fighting him near F27 until illo shot his engine forcing him to ditch.
    At this point we figured out that lep-jg was badly damaged when trying to help his rottenflieger and lost all control surfaces bailing out ending up captured too.
    After that we formed up and went back to F32 area where we attacked a Spitfire. The guy was real good and managed to avoid our fast attacks wich he avoided one after another.. it was a long fight until another gold arrived and PKilled him when he was slow on deck after all illo's and my hard work that other friking gold atole our *food* when it was ready to be served :))

    Mission outcome was terrible. 2 Losses on their first sorties this TOD and 3 kills for who survived.

    I wont discuss the mistakes done our pilots because im way shocked by the loss of 2 good friends. ;)
  2. Jacobe

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    Jan 28, 2002
    My bad mistake leving my wingman lep-jg :( Sorry bud ,lost contact for a while and attacked con ...I have very little experience in 109e.