Combat Report- 01 May 1945 (3rd)

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    Aug 14, 2002
    pilots: heino and kearby
    plane:190 a8
    claims:1 spit by heino
    time of flight: dunno :( i took of with100 and when idsco i had 30 :p

    we took off from f17 otw f27/f18/f32 with 190 a8 with 100% fuel, but while we were on the wye i saw heino climbed faster than me, and when were over enemy zone he reported he got only a little fuel, but he decided follow and ditch near our cv which was near f27, our target. All was clear until i spoted a yak low at f27, so i attacked, but when i was at d2 he warped and my bust failed, so i pulled to form up with leader, but yak follow me in a spiral climb at d15, 20 sec before, heino had yellow beacon so he run away before i dove on yak( i didn t know), but he returned to help me, but again yellow beacon and finally disco, i didn t know yet, i had yak at d6!!! so i tried get a bit of speed in a long turn to right diving a bit, coz i saw at my 5 h high 2 dots incoming, so i decided do a HO for kill or run away for them..... they were 2 spits, i had do again a dive of 20 sec using the superior roll rate of maneovre of 190, so spits had problems for chasing me, (they had blackout and red too), but in this action yak got much speed than me and got closed , but finally thx again to some roll turns i run away from there to cv( E f27).

    (when i knew those 2 dots were spits i knew heino had disco)

    I turned when i was clear for claim something :p , only yak returned, (in dive with spit i got 2x20) and we did a HO , he hit me 1x20 and me too, but again i run to cv, and again i returned to engage, but this time i did a knife combat in which i hit again to yak, but yak turned and turned until i was at 300-400km then i break and using the better acelration and a little HO so yak would have loose speed i returned to cv where he was killed by acks. In this moment heino arrived from f4 and both went to S of f27, there we spoted a yak at 12 co alt, in a good combat we could kill him but thx to my bad aim he survived until he dove in his field which was being vulched by golds, he was killed by 30 mm...... after this f27 was clear, only jeep, so we decided go to N, f18, there we vulched with golds, where heino claimed a spit and where i had disco, asterf this heino go to cv while he was fighting with a corsair.

    PD: a unlucky sortie by disco and my bad aim. I have tracks of all ours combat, if anyone wants it, only tell me

    sorry by my bad english
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