Combat Report - 04/april/1944

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    May 24, 2002
    Mission: Fighter Sweep - F7 to F6
    Pilots: herz and kearb
    Plane: Fw190A4 (100% fuel)
    Flight time: 26 min
    Claims: 5
    Losses: 1

    Big formation of allied planes were spotted flying at F6 area, so kearb and me took our würgers and took off heading there while climbing. We arrived at F6 from south at about 4 km alt when spotted the first dot under and another one a bit N, near their field. Then i called kearb on radio telling him to open his eyes, i was going to check the nearest dot so i dove over him and as soon as i identified it as a con i called IN. Missed first pass and started to zoom up letting the slower spit far behind and watching kearb's 190 dot on my high 6 but a bit too far at this time. I soon figured out that he didnt dive with me but stayed high so i kept the pressure on the spit until i shot it down.
    When i disengaged and started to climb towards our CV that was about 5 miles south i called kearb's position and told him to regroup over our CV.
    Until now i thought that everything was fine since he didnt call any action so i kept circling over the CV waiting for him but then the last thing he said was: "forget about me" then a loud desesperated scream of pain: UUUHHHHHAAAAAAAHHHHHRRRRGGHHH!!!!!! :eek: He was shotdown by a typhoon and killed. :confused:
    I must admit that i got shocked since he never called any con since my first dive on that spit, everything seemed to be ok but then he was dead... hell...
    Didnt have much time to think about that coz while climbing i received a 6 call! Half roll, pull hard, half roll again, pull up and a YAK3 pass in front of me... almost overshot him.. He pulled up to a safe angle and did a little zoom, turned back and as he tried to avoid HO i shot a long burts at almost 90º deflection wich made him explode. Horrido jagdflieger! :turret:
    As i leveled again guess what... a poor Hurricane MKIIC appeared 2km alt right under me... dived 500Km+ woooof! He was set on fire after first pass, zoom up to 4Km alt and headed to F6 as i saw about 4 more golds heading there and thought it was safe to keep the mission going. Over there they all dived on 2 cons i stayed high watching and when a Yak started to maneuver to another gold's 6 i started my attack, fast dive, plane shaking, he was growing fast on my sight. There were all running on the deck ooops too fast and too low.. D2!!! ratatatatat!! :joystick: OMG colision is iminent i pulled up hard then SPLASH in front of me! i looked back and it was the Yak who crashed on the water giving me a maneuver kill. I zoomed up and there was the spit who was the pair of the Yak. I dove on him, we were about 3 golds around him now, someone attacked before me and missed then i attacked and missed too BUT he crashed while avoiding me and another maneuver kill for me.

    I claim 5 kills:
    Spitfire shotdown
    Yak3 shotdown
    Hurricane shotdown
    Yak3 maneuver kill
    Spitfire maneuver kill

    But unfortunately i lost my wingman what makes my kills useless :(

    ps: when i went in on the first spitfire, kearb spotted a higher typhoon wich i didnt see. He also didnt report it to me so when i kept my attack he found himself alone with this higher con and decided to engage instead of keeping with me. Unfortunately he was unlucky that while he was fighting this con, 2 more arrived and they finished his 190. I wish he would have followed me at the pattern max of D12 staying together... In case of our rotte being attacked by this higher typhoon we could run safe to the friendly CV 5 miles south of us..

    The fault here was a lack of comunication between the 2 pilots.