Combat Report - 1/10/44

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  1. manoce

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    May 9, 2002
    Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Czech republic
    Mission: free hunt (F10, 0-5km)
    Pilots: heino, matepl, pipps-
    Plane: 190a-8
    Flight time: 22min
    Claims: 1x spitXIV by heino
    Losses: 1 (heino - killed)

    Comments: Terrible SA! Twice we were almost surprised by enemy attacking. First time we got him. Second time it was p51d - he attacked and disengaged. We followed him for too long. It happened what I feared of - we were too close to enemy field and there were high cons (and red cv :( ). P51d returned but we were separeted from previous hunt. He attacked Pipps from 12 clk low - resulted in fuel leak and pipps had to rtb - pony at his 6. I cleared his 6 but I had to descent at their level.. under incoming reds. Then with matepl we were fighting our way back (about 40 miles). Pipps eventually bailed after he tried to help us. We were at sea level against 2 jak3 and 1 p51d. Thatch wave worked just fine except of my terrible aim --- so eventually they settled behind us and I got shell into canopy. Matepl managed to land.

    However it was nice cooperation. I enjoyed it. See you next ToD guys.

    ps. we could have like 6 pilots in service next ToD :)
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  2. spuint

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    Feb 18, 2003
    i cant wait jg54 flights;
    i hope im gonna make them some more :)
    2x2pilots sortie would be great