combat report 5/3/44

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    Feb 18, 2003
    Mission: Jagdbomber/freehunt
    Pilots: rotte1: humbee - -wiciu rotte2: nitrat - thwack
    Plane: 190a4, 2 rockets
    Flight time: 40 minutes
    Claims: ground targets only
    Losses: none
    we rolled f23 and climbed heading west. soon after takeoff weve noticed f12 (allied) is under attack. when we came there (with 6km alt) it was all clr except allied fleet was 4miles NE heading f24 (axis). after destroyin everything on f12, we dropped rest of load to f14 (some AA artillery and radar facility). with very small activity of enemy air forces (one Lavochkin pinged by humbee - with no visible damage - disengaged from us and dove to the home field). as we were gettin low on fuel, we rtbed.

    that was very bad leading.. i was flyin on reduced throttle and my fuel reserves were somwheat bigger than the rest of pilots (inspite they were ordered to reduce throttle too :)) and the last part of the flight was home-glide. i was tryin to cover all but luckily we havent met enemies on our way home.
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