Combat Report Nov 1941 (2)

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  1. illo

    illo FH Beta Tester

    May 8, 2000
    Helsinki, Suomi (finland)
    Mission: Scramble
    Pilots: illo, horst
    Plane: 109f-2
    Flight time: ?
    Claims: 2
    Losses: 0

    We took off from f7. There was some problems maintaining formation..with talk it was sorted out. But chatting is always out of SA. Soon we found some high cons heading into f9 area and engaged. I was trying to fool spitfire low when horst reported mechanical problems again! He had no option but to bail out.

    I was alone with 2 equal energy spits so I dived to f9 just to see it was closed and capped by horde of reds.

    P 39 dived from my high 6 to bounce me. I let him to d6 when i rolled over and pulled slightly. I rolled to check his reaction and he was going straight and just above me. I pulled up to his 6 and let it rock. P-39 was suprised from hits and pulled hard. i followed with lag turn but he was still able to extend in dive. I aimed well at d4 and dropped him into the sea. I almost forgot what kind of shit i was in. It didnt help me either that i spotted li-2 heading to f9. I used some deflection from his high 8 and sawed his wing off. Mean while there was spit glued at my 6. From now on I did anything i could to reach friendly f7.

    After some scissoring i could shake spit off only to notice 2 other spits diving on me, soon made company by high p-39. Again those hard as i could do. I managed to make spits overshoot 1 by 1. Then i pushed my nose down and turned 90 degrees to left . Unluckily another spit who overshot earlier noticed this and dived fast after me. I tried desperately to climb with some yanking and rudder and wait for now nearby gold to help me out. Spit hit me 1x20mm which instantly got my engine leaking. He tried to follow by friedly gold made him disengage after few seconds. I could ditch without further problems near f7.

    Illo: P-39D, Li-2
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