Fat, spoiled, used-up, Karen wanted a Tablet Just Like Mine.

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    Feb 7, 2018
    She said, I want one just like Yours, Hezzey!
    I said, no, you really don't. Just use that thing you have. [It doesn't have a Sine-In Option, I don't know what that means even. She probably told a salesman, MAKE IT WORK!!!!! [WTF????]]
    She said, Yours Just Works.
    I said how do you know that?
    She said, You Told Me That.
    I said Mine Just Works, because I spent a couple days setting it up, so it does work.
    She said Mine keeps on demanding a user-name-thingy, or something.....and a thing I can't remember [A password? I asked] She said WHATEVER....]
    I said, NO, sorry Kathy, I can't hep you.
    She said, You Just Won't Help Me, and did that thing with her eyes, that USED TO WORK, forty years ago.
    I said, No, you have to deal with it, yourself.
    She said, you don't love me!!!
    I thought[ You should wash].

    Yesterday, she was at my door.
    I looked in the peep hole FUCK, IT'S HER!!!! Opened it and she said, Want Dinner? And held out some sort of Tablet, her greasy fingers on it, sliding toward the floor.... dangling, so it WILL fall on the floor... I saw it was demanding a Log-On User Name and, I suppose the other box was demanding a Password.
    HOW did you get that?
    She said, I told My Trustee, to order it for me.
    YOUR WHAT????
    [Fuck, oh...]
    I said, You better go ask your Trustee To Do THE REST.
    I will see you later, and I closed the door.
    I could not stand hearing her bleat like a sheep, but she did, Hezzy, I Need You!
    Hezzy, Why Won't You Help Me???
    HEZZEY [from the hallway, all my neighbours can hear...]
    Bleating , from behind the door, and I was inside the bathroom I could not stand the bleating.

    I know what she is doing now, she is a KAREN, and is now telling everyone around her about me raping her dogs, and spitting on her, and stuff like that.
    She coold be saying anything, I don't know, BUT I KNOW WHAT KARENS DO....

    I hope she get's tied up by the police and brought to the Nut-Ward.
    She doesn't need ANY help from me....
    Clonazepam maybe?????
    Or a single shot.... [no, that is too messy....]
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